Next Gran Turismo 5 Update Will Come Around Christmas

Kazunori Yamauchi just announced that the next Gran Turismo 5 update will come in December, around Christmas.

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Dee_912550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

More than likely -5-dlc-approximately-every-two - months/ additional-gran-turismo-5-cont ent-coming/

Usually a update then a DLC
I want this update sooner tho. Because this update will allow for the dlc to go on all accounts on the ps3 urchaseable-in-game/

GamersRulz2551d ago

that how you support a game, well done PD

Focus2550d ago

I popped in Halo 3 2 days ago and had to download a 947kb update. Can 343 industries get a pat in the back too?
Sometimes I feel like SONY could announce that they were installing new doors in their offices and N4G would light up and everybody would cheer and high five each other declaring how awesome SONY is.
Way to support your employees and keep office morale up and ensure our games are made by happy, inspired employees which makes the games super AAA quality!!!

GamersRulz2550d ago

I re-read my comment many times and failed to see what made you angry.

well, PD is showing some support and I just congratulated that, if 343 industries is doing the same then well done to them.

Dee_912550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Lmao! nobody even mentioned sony .. do you even have this game ? someones angry
Go pick your face up off the floor child.

edit: now we know who one of the disagree fairies are lol
Usually they stay hid but he got so angry he blew his cover
This just in the disagree fairies have come to the conclusion
He have indeed lost his disagree fairy badge I repeat he has lost his disagree fairy badge

IRetrouk2550d ago

to be fair most people were talking about what those updates are for and what they do, not how big the files are.

fOrlOnhOpe572550d ago

Maybe the Sony office doors are AAA quality too.

Abriael2550d ago

I don't think that Halo 3 received as many free content/features update as Gt5 to be honest, not even nearly.

Maybe that's why people care about an update on Gt5 and not about one on Halo 3 :D

PirateThom2550d ago

Mellow out, dude.

BUNGIE definitely deserve praise if they've taken fan feedback on board and fixed the game, any developer who listens to their fanbase as much as PD do... nothing to do with Sony or PS, but Polyphony Digital specifically.

IHateYouFanboys2550d ago

@Abriael: "I don't think that Halo 3 received as many free content/features update as Gt5 to be honest, not even nearly. "


Halo 3 received like 12 multiplayer maps for free, along with dozens of new multiplayer match types and playlists over the years. GT5 has had 1 worthwhile patch, 1 good track as DLC, and 12 crappy DLC cars that are all already in the game, just race modified.

Halo 3s support absolutely $hits all over GT5s. if you had a 360 and halo 3 you would have known this.

Abriael2550d ago

@IHateYouFanboys: that's all? you obviously don't know what GT5 got.

besides, your choice of words tells me quite clearly that your nickname is aimed at yourself :D

fuckoffodion2547d ago

it's funny how he hates fanboys is one himself. IHYF should get some help. He hates himself. I fear he might kill himself (good riddance).

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CrazyRap2551d ago

How many copied did GT5 sell so far?

Focus2550d ago

We know they shipped 6 million in 2 weeks, everybody had a massive orgy about it ignoring the shipped not sold elephant in the corner...
Official PD site still sits on 6.370 million sold-in (sold to retailer/shipped) so i guess they haven't updated it in almost a year.

spektical2550d ago

pd reports sell through, they are at prolly 7 million now.

SoapShoes2550d ago

As of Dec 2010 they were at 6.3 million. I'd be willing to bet much higher than just 7 million. Probably 8-9, especially with the recent price drop. It'll probably end up with 11 million like GT4.

Pyscho_Mantis2550d ago

5.5 million in two weeks and 6 million in a month....sold obviously as PD only reports sold.

Abriael2550d ago

"shipped not sold" is far from being an "elephant in the corner". As far as sony/polyphony are concerned, there's absolutely no difference. Once a copy ships, it's sold.

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Motion2550d ago

I finally just picked up GT5 yesterday. I popped the disk in around 7pm and began updating...Truth be told, whatever server they were sending the data from seemed pretty slow, but the game was ready to play after just over 12 hours...

Dee_912550d ago

it took 12hrs ?
thats probably the longest time to date lol
took mine at most 3hrs to install and update gt5 on my other ps3 2 weeks ago and my internet is average at best

Motion2550d ago

Yeah, I'm really not sure why it took that long, but it really was over 12 hours. I know on my pc I can get a steady speed of just over 3MB/sec (hardwired), though the PS3 is connected via wireless downstairs. I didn't see the actual download rate, but I just chalked it up to the update host server being very slow...

Me-Time2550d ago

It took someone a full day to download Spec 2. It's your internet speed/connection.

lodossrage2550d ago

What does Halo have to do with this? Do yourself a favor, pull up your pants, your "fanboy" is showing.

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