Moral Kombat trailer & partial rebuttal

Here is the trailer to the upcoming documentary detailing the long history of controversy involving violence in video games, "Moral Kombat".

After watching this trailer, 1PStart's JW was more than a little upset with what he felt was a shameless attempt to tie September 11th to video game violence.

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mighty_douche3910d ago

not exactly what id call a Mortal Combat "trailer", title is very misleading.

Ri0tSquad3910d ago

I almost fell off my chair and celebrated when I seen the title and then read the description :(

Daver3909d ago

damnit i read mortal kombat too loll

NEO_X3909d ago

the title of the movie and the thread is moral kombat.
If they had inserted the T then maybe.
Although I did come into the thread because I failed to notice the missing T and was hoping for some midway lovin

MK_Red3909d ago

I also read it Mortal first time on GameTrailers and was about to sh** myself.
Worse than that, is the movie and its trailer that try to mix 9/11 with game violence.

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Wii60PS3DSPSP3910d ago

If video games did 9/11 I guess were all terrorist then.

Mikey_Gee3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

I thought it was a bit funny when he says "How do you think a 9 year old boy will be affected by playing a violent FPS video game since he will be rewarded in the game for killing"

Well ... first off ..... if a 9 year old boy is playing that type of game, he did NOT buy it himself since we DO HAVE a rating system. So what does that tell me, a parent or someone OF AGE (whom should know better) has bought it for the 9 year old.

So maybe on the way home from the video game store, they should also pick the 9 year old a pack of smokes, a bottle of rum and some porn movies.

Then at night that same 9 year old can watch pretty much anything he wants on the WWW since chances are nobody is watching what he is doing on the web. And from there he can have his 9 year old brain rapped by the violence he sees on his TV set which has also nobody monitoring it.

But, hey .... let's blame video games instead.

Maybe these folks should check this out:

No rocket science involved.

Kareshi_X3910d ago

ur Pretty Right. But I Used To Buy Lots Of Rated M and T games when i was Like Ten Years Old(around The 1999-2000) and Nobody At the Store Said Nothing About It. All This Games Are Violent Trend Started Because Of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto(3D) Series

Mikey_Gee3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

That is not the industries fault ... that is the RETAILERS fault. The would be the same as trying to attack / shut-down liquor stores because people buy beer for under age kids.

The Onus if on the RETAILER to follow the RULES that the ESRB have put forth.

And if you were 10 in 2000, well, let me give you some insite ... in 2000 I was 27. And one of the first to get BIG MEDIA press was actually "Mortal Kombat" (not the first violent, but first BIG PRESS game)

-Ripping hearts out
etc, etc

And that was in the video game arcade, then moved to consoles. This was even before the ESRB game into real effect. GTA was WAY DOWN the line.

Kareshi_X3910d ago

Some Video Games Reflects What Happens In Our Daily Lives. Wars,Crimes Etc. They Say Half of America Plays Video games? Everybody in America Watch The News And News Channels Shows Viewers Many Scenes Of War and Crimes Each day and I Dont See Nobody(CNN) Complaining About that.Games Dont Drive People Violent Unless The Person is Already Ill or a Psyco

Kareshi_X3910d ago

What i Meant By Games Are Violent Trend was That people Started Saying Games are Violent Because They Saw GTA3 and All.

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