Redeem Your Free Copy of Battlefield 1943 Today

Bone-idle writes "EA and Dice are generating some good karma after some misunderstandings in the lead up to the release of Battle field 3. Some users got the impression that Battlefield 1943 would be coming free with BF3 but instead EA decided to offer the DLC one week early."

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torchic2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

it's always nice when europeans get games first, better deals on promotions etc. i mean, we pay more than the americans (numerically wise and value wise) for games so it's only right...

Emilio_Estevez2396d ago

I wouldn't say it's right, but the EU does tend to always get things later then the US, so it is only fair. I don't know why they just can't line up releases so everyone gets things at the same time.

BoneIdle2396d ago

I never understand why they release things in different regions at such different times either but glad Europe is getting the good deal this time.

guitarded772396d ago

(From article)
"Some users got the impression that Battlefield 1943 would be coming free with BF3"

Yeah, you kind of get that impression when they announce that people who buy the game for PS3 get Battlefield 1943 for free.

BoneIdle2396d ago

Yea Europe Today then US to follow in December.

lorianguy2396d ago

Got it 12 hours ago :P
Glad they coughed up in the end.

Lior2396d ago

That game is annoying

Yi-Long2396d ago

... I just wish they would have kept supporting it with new maps every 4-6 months.

Brownghost2395d ago

It really did need much more maps to help it keep going

Drabent2396d ago

yea its total crap....only 5 of us bought it at launch lol.

-Alpha2396d ago

You can still find like 2-3 full games, even before this promotion

Liquid_Ocelot2396d ago

More like only 5 million of us.
BF 1943 sold more than retail games at launch. I'm proud to be a day-one owner. My fav battlefield game yet, had lots and lots of fun.. Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, *drools* Wake Island... Ahh yeah:)

Can't wait to see Wake Island in BF3

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