PSVita - MotorStorm RC New Screenshots

Take a look at these new screenshot of MotorStorm RC.

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xtremexx2575d ago

loving this, it looks pretty good.

MasterCornholio2575d ago

Reminds me of micromachines but it looks a lot dinner to play.


wenaldy2574d ago

Whatever happened with disagrees???? There is not much RC racing on PS3, so i might give it a try, and also pay once, get both!!!!

Lordindo2574d ago

And this is the problem with N4G, that old news likes this still gets posted.

mcstorm2574d ago

Looks good but i think sony should bring out more mew ips for the psv rather han using ps3 names. As alot of people see them and think they are the sae as the ps3 version.

Looking forward getting my hamds on a psv though.

blumatt2574d ago

What's wrong with using PS3 IPs on the Vita?? Nintendo uses Mario on both the Wii and DS. What's the difference?

I'm pretty sure the fact that you can play games cross-platform on the PS3 and Vita more than makes up for that. There's also games like that one they showed at E3 2011 where you can play on the Vita, stop and save to the cloud, and immediately resume playing on the PS3. That's pretty sick!

And I'll be getting a Vita day one too.

mcstorm2574d ago

I agree with the cross games but what people see with the sony hand held games are direct ports for there consoles to the hand held where each mario game is different to the console version.

I just think sony need a few ips that are handheld only to help them gain market share from nintendo in the handheld market as some of the names like mnr lbp and ms are not big enough names to do this.

Inception2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

@mcstorm. I don't like to write a list of games. And i knew people like you who say "more new ip pleaseee!" will eventually saying "meh, i'm not interested with those list". But here it is: Gravity Daze, Dragon's Crown, Escape Plan, Night of Kamaitachi, Army Corpse of Hell, Little Deviants, and more. So, i hope people like you who begging for new Ip will give big support to one / all of those ip. Btw, cant wait to play Uncharted, Motorstorm, and a lot of great games for Vita!