Urine controlled video games become a reality

Urine controlled video games have become a reality, whereby games are played by Urine acting as a games controller. A company has started rolling out the technology to pubs and clubs, and in some instances say it can be used to promote certain products and has resulted in a 50 percent sales increase. Could this provide a serious threat to the likes of Xbox Kinect? Maybe not.

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xtremexx2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

shit just got real, literally :D

wait.... wut happens when you run out? -_-

-Alpha2579d ago

*Please insert more beer to play*

NukaCola2579d ago

Why would you waste delicious piss?

Domer252579d ago

Great idea....
gives me an incentive to drink more water at the bar....longer play time FTW....

LoaMcLoa2579d ago

"shit just got real, literally :D"

Urine = Shit? S:O

lorianguy2579d ago

Wait? What? Who came up with this idea?

tiffac0082579d ago

No words can express my shock in regards to this unexpected development...

zerocrossing2579d ago

Not just a little weird O.o

rawrockkillz2579d ago

They need to make a game where you drop bombs on enemies when you take a crap.

xtremexx2579d ago

that would be a long game

iNFAMOUZ12579d ago

i had to comment. What?!

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