Every Skyrim book ever, now available on your iPad and Kindle - Intrepid fans of the game have taken the in-game books of the latest Elder Scrolls adventure and made them available in mobi and ePub format for use on your iPad, iPhone, and Kindle.

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Dark_Vendetta2577d ago

Piracy? Or is it available for free?

a08andan2577d ago

They are talking about the books that you can find in Skyrim :D Not some real guide to Skyrim :)

admiralthrawn872577d ago

Skyrim's story isn't even close to being good enough for me to care to read any book other than opening them to see if i get a skill gain.

Rikitatsu2577d ago

Most of the books are about the game's universe rather than the main storyline.

admiralthrawn872577d ago

the universe is part of the story and its a boring one. if i was gonna spend time reading fantasy, it'd be something more interesting. i read a lot of the books in morrowind and oblivion and most of them are the same ones

BattleTorn2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

I've got to admit I strangely enjoy sitting down infront on my fire, in my house, and reading a book (in Skyrim).
But I don't see how anyone would want to read these semi-well written short stories else where.

Dovahkiin2577d ago

The best book I've read in the TES world:

My hatred toward the thalmor was really enhanced after reading this book.