Skyrim patch 1.2 deal breaker for some

Gaming In Entertainment writes: We’ve heard from a few gamers that are waiting a little while before buying Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and each of these people have different reasons for not buying the game at launch.

Some people know that Christmas is almost here and don’t want to spoil getting the game as a gift, others know their work commitments are too great to spare time before Christmas, and then there are those that know that the Skyrim patch v1.2 is scheduled for release next week.

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fooxy2460d ago

I'm actually gonna wait till like 5th one or maybe 6th after dealing with previous Bethesda titles ! Thats when usually game hits low $30 tag and most of the game-breaking stuff will be gone (hope so) But the best option would be to wait for GOTY and get it for like $40 %50 with all DLC :)

brish2460d ago

I'm waiting for the patch for Oblivion as well. They still haven't fixed the vampire bug on the ps3 version but when they do I'll be the first in line to buy the game.

* guy whispers * He was talking about Skyrim!

I'm beginning to think they aren't patching Oblivion!

Iroquois_Pliskin2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

here this patch will fix many bugs in the game, including the vampire face bug :

EVILDEAD3602459d ago

Still playing on the 360 since it launched and not issue yet. The game is pure heavenly crack. I just want to savor every moment. Glad to see they are pushing forward updates for the platforms that are having issues.

brish2459d ago


The vampire face bug is minor.

The vampire bug on the ps3 is if you turn into a vampire there is no way to cure it.

The link you provided only works only on the pc version. The ps3 version has no fix.


They patched the xbox 360 version. It's the ps3 version that is broken.

From the patch information from the mod: "This mod is a joint effort to fix the vast amount of bugs currently existing in Oblivion v1.2.0.416, fixing over 2,200 bugs so far!"


Dark_Overlord2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

You can cure vampirism on the PS3 version, I myself have done it.

I'll even provide a screenshot if you'd like :)

brish2459d ago


It turns out that only the GotY version on the ps3 is broken.

Dark_Overlord2459d ago

That makes more sense, I played Oblivion then brought the GOTY edition too, as I'd already cured vampirism, I wouldn't have noticed it. If that is the case, then the 5th anniversary edition would have the same bug, meaning Bethesda may fix it

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RedDead2459d ago

On the forum, someone's first dragon(the quest one) Didn't absorb. Thus the main quest is broken for him. That's a right kick in the tits

acemonkey2460d ago

i dont really have lag issues for some reason i did but now i dont....but fix that quest bug

strange19862460d ago

Are you referring to the Companions one? If so I'm right there with you.

marioPSUC2460d ago

I've had an issue with the Thieves guild quest, cant even start the questline cause of a bug, really hope it gets fixed, cant start over since im kinda 40+ hours

peowpeow2459d ago

My quest-breaker is the end of Markarth when you get sent to prison. After going prison I can't interact with anything (i.e. talk to anyone to complete the quest) so I kind of just left town instead of completing it

acemonkey2459d ago

my is after the prison break...i have over 40+hours also...level my bounty is like over 10,000 b.c i have to kill the guards (bc i cant fast travel when their casing me) so that sucks im missing a while part of a town

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Motorola2460d ago

I play it on PC with 0 problems so far.

AlienLion2460d ago

I'm with the buggy crowd. Tried playing it but a bug came out of the laptop and bit me in the nuts. I dragonshouted it into oblivion with some swift pinch-and-roll action. I rubbed some pesticide on the disc and put it in again. No bugs but the disc got warm and an odd odor came out. I think its affecting my thought process. Process... Hehehe funny word

NEW-AGE2459d ago

“Damn Nature, You Scary!”

_LarZen_2460d ago

Playing it on PC and X360, no gamebreaking bugs so far.

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