Top 4 Skyrim Mods That Make It Look Great

FPSWin- "While Skyrim may already look good in your eyes, it could look better, so here are the top 4 mods we thought would add to the amazing game."

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manwo2454d ago

Awesome! I still haven't tried to mod skyrim.

xtremexx2454d ago

its worth it, there are some pretty good mods out there.

aawells072454d ago

IMO id really recomend using the FXAA Injector and youll be amazed at what it does for the game. just youtube it and ull see.

peowpeow2454d ago

You can press 'pause' (on keyboard) to change it back and forth in real-time. There is a huge difference, the game looks amazing :)

TurboGamer2454d ago

I installed the enhanced night mod......

Next is the 2k HD textures.

xtremexx2454d ago

nice to see your enjoying what Skyrim Mods can offer.