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"All in all, it is clear that most people will enjoy Enslaved if they take the time to play it, which unfortunately not a lot of people do. Because of this low expectation, I think I was even more pulled in by its extraordinary characters and enchanting story, and I have honestly found myself wishing I could rewind time so I could go back and experience the journey with Monkey and Trip again."

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WolfLeBlack2574d ago

A game that I feel deserved more commercial success than it got when it released, but sadly because it didn't contain the words, ' Call of Duty' on the box nor featured a first person view and an M16 it never got much attention.

I've had the urge for a while now to go back and replay the game, but never seem to find the time. Still, I hope to find the time soon and fall in love with Trip all over again. Why can't she be real? WHY!? :D

strange19862573d ago

While I found the characters enjoyable, the actual gameplay felt pretty mediocre.

cfountain2573d ago

i really enjoyed the game