Top 5 current gen 3D stinkers

3D has a hard sell ahead of it, as not only is the application to current generation games relatively new and unexplored, there's an obvious trade-off in quality as the Xbox and PS3 hardware cannot cope compared to PCs.

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lorianguy2574d ago

I thought the Killzone 3 3D was good... oh well...

rfowler302574d ago

yeah i thought killzone 3 beta 3d feature was good, my ps3 broke before killzone 3 final verison was released. but the 3d quality for it was very good.

SilentNegotiator2574d ago

msxbox-world doesn't. Go figure they would act like a loss of quality in resolution/textures/whatever is a surprise when turning on 3D, or a massive deal.

Oh! But they're not biased because they put a 360 game on the list that falls near a SD resolution when you turn on 3D! /s

"Whilst 3D and how it is implemented in games, and the reception it receives is very much subjective, there are some games which prove that 3D can be a decent addition to a game for those with 3D TV sets"
Sites like this and PlanetXbox360 always end with "It's great, but not worth trading up for! Seriously, don't trade in for this ps3 product (hint: ps3 offers more 3D...a lot more)! Please!"

lorianguy2574d ago

Haha, Just realized the site's name xD

That explains everything.

CGI-Quality2574d ago

Indeed. I'm using the PlayStation 3D Display and have, so far, found Killzone 3's 3D to be one of the best (mind you, the only other title I've fully seen in 3D is Uncharted 3). While Uncharted 3's was beautiful, Killzone 3's was more powerful, making me feel like I was truly there (giving me some eye strain in the process, lol).

All-in-all, I disagree with that one.

hennessey862573d ago

but the best for me is wipeout hd

gypsygib2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Killzone 3 3D actually looks really bad. All the games on that list look like crap in 3D. The only 3D I've seen that isn't extremely low-res is Super Stardust HD, Wipeout HD and Crysis 1&2.

Batman AC and Motor Storm look decent enough but most 3D on consoles looks so terrible.

Still haven't checked out Uncharted 3D yet thought, I hear it's very good.

Daver2573d ago

So far in my opinion, nothing equal the 3D of Resistance 3.

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Noticeably_FAT2574d ago

People like to slap 3-D on mediocre offerings and they expect the people to be fooled by it's lack of quality.

Pixel_Enemy2574d ago

So Killzone is mediocre and lacks quality? I take it you never played the game and instead read pissy articles and sales charts to gage your opinion. Way to be gamer!

Noticeably_FAT2574d ago

I admit I didn't like Killzone 2, but I haven't played the 3rd one and I don't have a 3-D television, but as a rule I usually avoid 3-D movies and games.

It's just not my thing, the Killzone thing is simply my opinion but I found Killzone 2 to be boring and the characters pretty generic. The movements were also way to weighted for my likes, even with the sensitivity turned up.

I didn't finish the game, but I got 8 or so maps into the game, the blur effect when you turn also tends to get annoying, actually giving me a headache. So ...yea....I thought Killzone 2 wasn't very well done and was mediocre for my tastes.

kaveti66162574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I played it Pixel_Enemy. It's a bad game. When someone makes a game where you don't even care about the characters and sometimes wish they would just die so you can hopefully play as someone more interesting, then you know it's a bad game.

If you took a film like Predator, and you removed all the likable characters, the memorable lines, the memorable scenes, the interesting enemies, and added snow, you'd get something like Killzone 3.

A-Glorious-Dawn2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Killzone blew me away. It remains one of my favorite series this gen. The story is mediocre but come on, how many games have a truly decent story? It's about the gameplay and killzone looks incredible and plays great.

Funny how people criticise the story for one game then praise another which is equally mediocre.

Killzone is not a bad game, one may not like it and that's fine since preference is subjective, however its quality as a game is not.

Hicken2574d ago

The game is weighted for a reason. It helps set it apart from the more arcade-style shooters like CoD and Halo (not knocking them at all, mind you). Killzone 2 is my favorite shooter this generation, due in large part to the weight of the guns, a sense of stark realism, and the chaos that massive battles gave rise to.


So many people get this one wrong. The main character of the Killzone games are on the covers. They are, without a doubt, the coolest, most bad ass antagonists in any FPS I've played or even heard of. Think about it: what other games exclusively have the antagonists on the cover art?

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DA_SHREDDER2574d ago

It all depends on the 3-D tv set you buy. I got a 2010 model, and the news ones blow mine out the water. Even the newer passive glasses are better than my active glasses. Don't get me wrong, it depends on how good the 3-D software is too, but don't get it twisted, 3D is sick if you have the right hardware and software.

ProjectVulcan2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I have tried most console 3D games, most of the high profile titles on PS3 and 360 and my opinion is that they are pretty poor....In most cases the performance and resolution hit is just nasty and feels and looks like you are playing an SD game with 3D, which defeats the point of having a HD consoles IMO. GT5 as a racer suffers horribly with framerates crushed down to sub 30 FPS and responsiveness ruined.

The 3D effect is not particularly good either on stuff like GT5 or KZ3, and their image quality is so severely compromised that i don't enjoy them as much as just 2D in HD. It doesn't add anything, it just takes the present generation visuals away from them. Your eyes are more drawn to visuals flaws, it noticeably exposes weak graphical areas.

I have a reason for this viewpoint though:

I use Nvidia 3D vision on a good PC on a latest generation 3D monitor. This instantly makes it very very clear how much we need a new generation to actually make 3D work properly on consoles.

Indeed having all the bells and whistles, the full resolution, the full framerate in 3D on a PC is frankly stunning. No compromise. It is mind blowing, the clarity and depth that 3D can add to games when you have the right kit and the performance.

Batman, Bioshock, Just cause 2, Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Fallout etc etc all phenomenal on a 3D ready PC. Even stuff you might not have imagined- like RTS isometric type games, CnC, Starcraft 2, Total war and the like make your jaw drop, because it feels like you are looking down at this brilliant detailed little moving diorama.

Of course this is not cheap. But it is the 3D performance everyone should experience. Those that have not used 3D on a PC need to see it incorporated into a next generation of consoles. This will allow a wider audience to see what 3D should really be about in games.

LettingGo2574d ago

What TV are you playing on?!? Killzone 3 still looks gorgeous in 3D.

P_Bomb2574d ago

Playing GT5 on the new Sony 24" monitor and it's impressed me the most after Uncharted 3. Not sure why you think it sucks. You just have to adjust the sliders to comfortable levels. A quick google showed me some people's sweet spots and I took it from there.

ProjectVulcan2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Killzone 3 is again not fantastic in 3D. The game is cut back texture/geometry wise, resolution wise and the framerate and response is just rough. Its not just that and GT5 though. Its any console game i played in 3D which is most of them. Nearly all of them 360 and Ps3 get cut back a lot.

Why does GT5 suck in 3D? Simple, the backgrounds and some alphas in GT5 in 3D are not correctly adjusted for 3D. Secondly the game takes a resolution hit, in 2D you can get 1280 x 1080. In 3D you are limited to 1280 x 720 effective with only QAA, which is MSAA in 2D.

Thirdly and most crippling is the major league performance hit the game takes. The framerate is at least halved, often more so, and screen tearing which is present in 2D mode is even more apparent in 3D mode. Performance is just ripped up in 3D mode, its not nice when you are used to a lovely slick 60FPS experience in a racer.

Finally as i said, i have access to a quality PC and top end 3D games. It sounds like you don't and you have this little monitor for PS3 3D. Thus you don't really know what 3D games should and could and do look like with no visual compromises.

I do.

If you have never used it regularly on a powerful PC and lots of other platforms then you can't really criticise my comment effectively, not someone who has greater experience.

You talk about sweet spot for depth and GT5 doesn't even have that much depth. With Nvidia 3D vision you can adjust depth on the fly, and the level you can comfortably achieve is much much higher than any console 3D game partly down to less eye strain from higher resolutions and refresh rates possible.

When you have experienced 3D like i have you will no doubt, know exactly what i refer to. Come back then and tell everyone.

Ahhh i feel sorry for everyone who plays 3D on console not knowing what it really is supposed to look like when the games aren't heavily compromised to achieve it.

It as if you are playing on a black and white SDTV and you say its good because you just don't know any better. You will have a nice surprise then if they sort out next gen or get a good PC- full colour baby!

gospelnote20002574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Yeah I am going to have to agree with you. I own one of the newer 3D tv models and it looks amazing. I play Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Gran Tourismo, Batman, Crysis and they all look good to me in 3D. Its just another option to play and the more options the better. And you have to have the right equipment as well.

gypsygib2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I have a 51" Samsung PN51D7000 (2011 3D Plasma) and can confirm that every game on that list is extremely low res and/or has a significant hit in performance.

I'll agree that Crysis looks excellent in 3D and Batman and GT5 look decent, most games look terrible, at least on consoles.

I have Uncharted 3 but haven't played it in 3D yet, I'll check it out.

P_Bomb2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

GT5 is amazing in 3D as the sliders let you customize it to your liking. Maxing everything out gives you some ghosting but everything pops out of the screen more than any other 3D game I've seen. It's literally like racing toy cars around a race track, you feel like you can touch the cars on the car select screens as well.

I wouldn't call Crysis excellent in 3D though. I have them both on PS3 and they're not even as good as Killzone or Resistance 3 for 3D effects (sparks, debris, shrapnel, dust/water) and have the same problems the 2D mode has such as frame drops, pop-in and enemies with no physics. Once they're down, you can't mess with them anymore. Waste of 3D as it breaks the immersion. The bullet trail lines perk looks weak as well, KZ3's 3D bullets coming at you are better implemented imo.

Batman AC looks just as much 2D as 3D at times in 3D mode. Looks more like those viewfinders we used to play with as kids. Uncharted 3 blows it away.

Typical article from MSXBoxworld overall. There are plenty worse multiplats with 3D patches, no reason for KZ3 and R3 to be on this list. They spend most of their time talking about res' drops which lets face it, affect every 3D game. The actual 3D *implementation* in R3 though is quite well done, you can even look down enemies' mouths. No reason it should be on this list while Batman AC's relatively weak implementation and Crysis 1's oddball top/bottom format aren't. Saying "if only the source material had a bit more shine" is a bit of a backhanded dig by Richard Cram as it doesn't speak to the 3D whatsoever. He doesn't back up his brief bullet points with enough facts. Sliders help alleviate ghosting in most cases.

DasTier2574d ago

the only one of those ive played in 3d was gears, but the 3d on that was like the adverts fo it in cinemas (actually there) and not as crappy as youd see in a film

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