So, Which Video Game Did Sienna Miller Think She Was In?

Star of screen and Top Gear, Sienna Miller (whose privacy apparently costs £100,000) was giving evidence at the UK's Leveson inquiry into press ethics yesterday. She compared press intrusion to 'a video game'.

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bozebo2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

I don't even...

But yeah phone hacking lol. Everybody using an Android or iOS device needs to understand that there are a large number of exploits that anybody walking past can use to run their own code on your phone - just keep a look out for the signs, because it WILL happen; regardless of the motives of the hackers. Stealing personal data to make fraudulent credit claims being the main motive, but they can also spread the exploited code to every other Android or iOS phone you walk past, I would say about 10-15% of phones have been hacked (the exploit doesn't work every time because most hackers are fairly bad programmers) and about 98% of Android or iOS devices are vulnerable to the exploit. This was uncovered over a year ago but the press won't make it known (maybe because they exploit it lol). Google and Apple can't fix it yet because the problem is due to logical flaws in the messaging and network standards that they have to adhere to and fixing the problem would mean every devices needs an update to be able to use the new, non-flawed, standards. SSL was also recently hacked so don't 100% trust that little padlock icon in your browser either if you are on a shared network (in uni halls, cafes, airports etc).

buffycrp2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Not sure what your on about but not examples given and no source but no one can hack your phone as you walk by and that code can't copy and paste itself either. She's talking about the news of the world phone hacks though which have been heavily reported on.

bozebo2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

"no one can hack your phone as you walk by and that code can't copy and paste itself either"

Yes... they can. There were talks referring to the vulnerabilities at BruCON 2011. Of COURSE the code can copy and paste itself, once one phone is hacked (which can be done from any wifi device including other phones) they have code execution on the phone and can do whatever they want with it remotely. The vulnerability itself has been around since the dawn of smart phones and it is the most likely technique that the news of the world journalists employed (you only need a little bit of programming experience and a brain to pull it off).

fOrlOnhOpe572575d ago

She kept thinking you couldn't make this stuff up! lol

buffycrp2575d ago

News of the world voicemail hacked which really isn't hacking as such you call a number put in the mobile/cell number and you can listen to the voicemails.