Top 5 Simpsons Games

Oh man, this list was tough. The Simpsons have had their fair share of video games, most of which suck. What will make the list?

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NukaCola2577d ago

My favorite Simpson's game is Virtual Springfield. It was seen through goggles in first person and you could go anywhere and do tons of stuff. It's the best way to get around Springfield and just explore. There was tons of mini games and secrets to discover and stuff to collect. I rememebr APOOM which was a Doom style mingame against Apu in the quick-e-mart and everything from the first 8 seasons or so was there. I would love to see another one come out with all the content released as of today.

DrRichtofen2576d ago

I thought that the Simpsons game was pretty good but Road Rage and Hit N' Run are still my most favorite of them.

Rashonality2576d ago

ScrewAttack is better....>_>

spacedelete2576d ago

Hit and Run was fantastic. it mixed GTA sandbox gameplay with the Simpson's atmosphere.

DJZed2576d ago

Loved Hit & Run and had a great time with Road Rage too. I didn't put enough time on EA's latest Simpsons game but it was pretty solid... Now, the one I remember with lots of nostalgia, that was tough as heck but still super fun is... The Simpsons vs. The Space Mutants for the NES. Try it out if you get the chance!