Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 writes, "This year witnessed one of the fiercest video game rivalries in years. You had EA taking on Activision’s juggernaut, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with Battlefield 3. Now that both games have released and the dust’s settled, we weigh in on who emerged victorious."

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DonaldBeck2574d ago

cod is (no offense to adult fans) but very child oriented.

battlefield 3 is the opposite

FanboyPunisher2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

COD is the same shit

BF3 is new.

Out with the old in with the new.

Never again, will i ever be that fucking stupid; stupider than stupid, a fucking idiot.
Thats who i was when i kept buying COD, a stupid fucking idiot.
Not anymore, but theres alot of s.f.i.'s that need to be saved.

Save the idiots, prevent them from buying cod.
Enlighten them, that they are s.f.i's being exploited for profits; without any real value being given, just copy/pasted content/buildings; with DLC included on disc (that you need to pay extra for) lol, s.f.i's.

Even the company (IW) that made COD stopped making them because Acti fucked them (The founding team, now its just a mixmash of people who dont know wtf they are doing); just like they fuck their customers. Acti wants money, not happy customers given valuble content; they want to give as little for as much as possible.

When you let companies get away with explotation, it will only keep getting worse and worse as they try to milk more and more for less and less.

Dont be one of the S.F.I.'s; be smart, wake up.

ZippyZapper2573d ago

Ironic you should say that

hiredhelp2574d ago

This ever gonna stop cod have there cod fans while bf fans have there fans then there the mixed bunch who have both. So down to prefrence like i prefer bf3. But thats me not anyone else.

Ezio20482574d ago

in sales and reviews, its C0D!!!

Focus2573d ago

I don't know which part people are disagreeing with

ElVeneno2573d ago

Try only sales. User reviews are a lot higher for Battlefield 3. Most of the people I know say the same thing. They bought CoD because everyone else got it so they can play with them, but it's still the same game.

Janitor2573d ago

That logic fails and I've heard it numerous times. What's stopping them and all their friends from getting BF3? I don't get it.

gamernova2573d ago

I wouldn't tryst user reviews. A lot of people gave CoD a zero and even if you think it's the same game, it wouldn't deserve a 0 by any means. It's the cool thing to hate cod so everyone is basing their logic on mob mentality.

ZippyZapper2573d ago

ElVeneno you can't get any more fail with that. User reviews of CoD from BF fanboys.

You sir, fail

ElVeneno2573d ago

@ZippyZapper I fail? lulz By looking at how many people agree with me and how many people disagree with you. I sir am WINNING!!! Thank you come again TROLOLOLOLOL

@Janitor I do agree people who follow that logic are dumb. But 3 of my cousins did the same thing. I was the first person to tell them they're stupid, and they agreed.

@gamernova you make the most sense. I do agree with you. it is the cool thing to hate on CoD nowadays BUT they do it to themselves. If people CHOOSE to accept the same game from a company who's made BILLIONS year after year off the same game. They should support the game by improving more than just maps. For example a more secure netcode, better visuals, new sounds. etc etc. All of these games in the past few years could've simply been UPDATES, but people accept anything that Activision shits out. I RESPECT Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer studios. I respect the studios hard work. My only concern is with Activision. They order the same game to be made every year and put absolutely no effort into advancing the series.

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Shackdaddy8362573d ago

From Metacritic:

Modern Warfare 3:
Xbox: 89
PS3: 88
PC: 81
Average: 86

Battlefield 3:
PC: 89
PS3: 86
Xbox: 84
Average: 86.333

They are so close, there's no need to mention reviews.

mittwaffen2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

BF3 won actually.

So dont see what your saying, plus they dont pay reviewers.

How about you look at the user scores? Whats COD at like 3.4? Users hate that game.

Shackdaddy8362573d ago

^I'm not siding with Ezio if that's what you're thinking. I'm telling him he's an idiot for even mentioning reviews...

GrumpyVeteran2573d ago

Did you hear about this new argument on Xbox 360 vs PS3? That's even fresher than this!

mittwaffen2573d ago

I think the topic of PS3 failing is the most fresh topic you'll come across on this.

It has no games either...


Rageanitus2573d ago

BF is now 30 bucks on Origin....... its the best graphics I've seen.

Having said that I COD is a better game.

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