Chris Jericho Most Popular Created Superstar In WWE '12

Being that Chris Jericho is not being in WWE '12, WWE fans decided to create the popular former WWE wrestler themselves. As a result of this, he's become the most created wrestler in the entire game.

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2572d ago
Jake_the_Dog2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

A washed up douche bag that people seem to go gay for, just look at those disagrees. Image related, its MimeTime.

lorianguy2572d ago

So what have we learnt here, THQ?

STK0262572d ago

They now know that a Chris Jericho DLC would sell very well. I wish he were in the game though.

iliimaster2572d ago

howcome he does not wrestle anymore? hes the only believable heavyweight champion whos not on roids hes the whole package and hes missed on the shows

Deadpool6162572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

After wrestling for several wrestling eras, he can take a break from it whenever he doesn't feel motivated. He was world champion for a while his last run and where do you go from there? He's achieved everything in WWE. If something or someone peaks his interest and gives him the wrestling bug again, he'll be back in a heartbeat.

RatchetandClank2572d ago

I think it would be cool to see him and cm punk do something.

BLAKHOODe2572d ago

Rumors are saying he'll be back in early 2012 in time for Wrestlemania.. possibly as early as January. That WWE is already teasing it.

Rumors, though.. ya know.

iliimaster2570d ago

true i hope so hes one of my all time favorites

LoneWanderer092571d ago

Hopefully we get to see him back in the ring again