Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Gamer 2.0 Review (5.9/10, Average, Rent)

Alex Quevedo reviews Kane & Lynch: Dead Men for Gamer 2.0.

Review highlights:
• Story is noteworthy
• Gameplay is less than stellar
• Hit detection is horrendous
• Weapons don't handle too well
• Camera isn't that great
• Many AI problems
• Terrible save system
• Multiplayer is interesting

Conclusion: "So if you have some extra time on your hands, Kane & Lynch is just barely worth a rental. Were it not for its story, we would undoubtedly give it a 'Skip It' recommendation. However, it should be able to tide you over for a small while. Don't expect anything great out of it though."

• Gameplay: 6
• Visuals: 6
• Audio: 7
• Value: 6
• Quality: 5

Rating: 5.9, Average
Suggestion: Rent It

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Honeal2g3910d ago

Whats the big deal with this garbage a$$ it is averagin low scores .... the game sucks its soooo bad why are people makin a fuss over it seriously i have one friend who actually bought the game and returned it in the same day ...

Chriswsm3910d ago

I was just on MSN to a friend in the US who rated this game as an over-rated coaster. Suffice to say I will give it a miss.

Muppetmeat3909d ago

YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AlexQuevedo3909d ago

Ah, damn =(

They haven't locked me out of my office (aka dorm room) yet! lol