Wii Fit launches in Japan, huge queues form

A gamer has provided shots from the Yodobashi Kichijoji at about 9:30am yesterday when Wii Fit officially went on sale in Japan. In front of him and behind him there were massive queues for the product which indicates Nintendo has another winner on their hands.

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pacman6153881d ago

the wii fit excersizes were performed by richard simmons

Premonition3880d ago

I just dont get it, i can undestand them playing weird games but to line up for a exercise equipment, I mean why spend 80 dollars in US monay when you can workout for free at your house? lol

mikeslemonade3880d ago

I want to see a comparison of how long the line was for galaxy vs wiifit. If I had a Wii now I would get Wiifit and Galaxy together. I rather have Wiifit over zelda, metroid, paper mario, because those games are too similiar to games i played on the Gamecube.

Husso3880d ago

Where are the fat people, i guess we have to wait for the USA release.

Vojkan3880d ago

Well you dont have to be fat to care about your finess, it is actually vice versa. Anyway in the end this has nothing to do with "fitness" it is GAME, another new way of playing.

Boink3880d ago

I can't believe people are lining up for this junk...

smoothdude3880d ago

You don't have to get one, but I know I will.

The Killer3880d ago

but nothing is better than the true exercises!!
for men the best is running swimming and body building.
for women the best is anything that make their body moves a lot and makes them sweat. like aerobic running also is good.

i might have forgot other cool sports too!!

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The story is too old to be commented.