AMD Radeon branded RAM coming soon

AMD is planning to enter the RAM market with Radeon-branded modules targeting the whole range of computing categories

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2pacalypsenow2279d ago

Sounds nice i wonder how much they will cost and how well they will perform

3GenGames2279d ago

They'll perform the same as other sticks and'll cost 5x as much as the same for the name. Like Dre Beats headphones.

slayorofgods2279d ago

AMD has never had bad prices for any of their products.

3GenGames2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

^Because most are made only by them so they can't. Kinda like WalMart price match on items UPC codes but they have UPC's specific to walmart. Although I mean yeah even though they're their own items, they're still priced well.

GrumpyVeteran2279d ago

wow interesting stuff. got corsair vengeance ram atm, wonder if they can make something on par with a competitive price point.

death2smoochie2279d ago

And you know Are you the amazing kreskin?

KwietStorm2279d ago

Interesting move, if it isn't simply a brand name marketing ploy.

Series_IIa2279d ago

More half arsed products incoming from AMD

hiredhelp2279d ago

I want to know what the timeings are and the voltages. And how when tweaked this match up with my sandybridge ripjaw x g-skill ,mainly cos i may get a ati vga i have nice case setup this go with it but only if its able to match my ram or better. So no guys today not just about the name,thoe many ram out there can be equevilent to something unbranded.
Thoe good example of making a quick buck be to have same company come out 1 year with set of ram then next same ram with differnt heatspreader with 2x price tag.

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