Watch Out Activision, EA... Bethesda Is Right Behind You

Velocity Gamer: The big publishers that do the big-action 3rd party stuff are of course Activision and EA, but with Rage and the forthcoming Prey 2 plus Dishonored, Bethesda may have what it takes to close the gap and make it a three-publisher showdown while THQ and Square Enix are a bit below par.

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MultiConsoleGamer2577d ago

It would be nice to see someone challenge EA. It would be good for business, good for the industry.

CommonSense2577d ago

Did everyone forget Ubisoft?

papashango2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

what about ubisoft?

they are pretty much doing everything in their to chase sales away with this piracy stance they're taking.

Or are you implying that a yearly release of an aging franchise ass creed is going to take them to the big money....


I wouldn't argue that Acti is on top but if anyone is behind EA and Acti it's Valve. Some would argue that Valve is #2

CommonSense2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

so what you're saying is that ghost recon, splinter cell, and rainbow 6 don't count; but prey and rage do?

so how about farcry, brothers in arms, and call of juarez?

they have a ton of shooters, i just mentioned a few.

badz1492577d ago

And they don't release games as much and as frequent as EA or AV per year, evrn Ubisoft is releasing more than them. Although AV pretty much depends only on CoD but it's not just big but HUGE! - maybe more than all EA games combined!

So, to say that Bathesda is even close is a joke looking at how things are. They maybe outdoing Ubisoft or 2k but definitely not EA and AV!

admiralthrawn872577d ago

this new breed of Bethesda fanboy might get annoying soon. we'll see elder scrolls 8 by 2014.

ZBlacktt2577d ago

Better then COD map packs renamed MW3, MW4, MW5....

awi59512577d ago

Nope the next fallout is next.

cyclonus0072577d ago

The only thing keeping Bethesda from being a major player is their uncanny ability to always release a bug-riddled game that is almost unplayable at launch. I know people that stay away from any Bethesda game until there is a significant patch. And that is saying something when they are worse than EA and Activision in that regard.

ZBlacktt2577d ago

That could be true. But then when you look at/play their games. There is just so much information packed in their games. It's rather mind blowing in value. So much though process and details. It keeps gamers busy for months and never gets old.

cyclonus0072577d ago

I agree with you but their technical skills need to catch up to their ideas and ambition. Fallout has influenced so many games this generation it is ridiculous and I am hearing amazing things about Skyrim. Yet every time Bethesda releases a game there are technical problems that critics would normally destroy a AAA title for, if not for the fact that the game is so good they can almost overlook them.

If Bethesda spent the same amount of time and money on QA testing that EA & Activision spend on marketing, they might be unstoppable.

papashango2577d ago

skyrim compared to fallout 3 and oblvion launches is pretty damn smooth.

Intentions2576d ago

Just comparing every game out there to Skyrim. Skyrim is massive, you cannot fix all those problems for a massive game. If they do fix a problem an new problem will arise.

At least these problems ain't game-breaking.

BattleAxe2577d ago

Article is stupid, Ubisoft is the 3rd biggest publisher with some of the best franchises in gaming like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, Assassins Creed and Far Cry.

Tachyon_Nova2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

None of those are 3rd party franchises though, which I think is the point of the article. Bethesda have recently pushed out a few 3rd party games which have sold well, where as pretty much no one else is publishing 3rd party games that actully sell well.

Note that here, 3rd party means a game from an IP or dev team not owned by the publisher.

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