First PS Vita Commercial Shows….Nothing

Here is the first PS Vita commercial.

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360ICE2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Now I don't know how things work down there in Japan, but when that Vita crosses a few borders they need to show some gameplay.

Or at least have the baby crying ICE

sinncross2550d ago

its a teaser trailer... and so obviously so.

Tommykrem2549d ago

I agree with both of you I guess, but this way of teasing only works when product awareness is already high, and you want to create tension and excitement. In other words, it appeals mostly to fans. The PS3 was incredibly hyped before release, but even PS3 would probably have done better if they showed off some footage of actual high quality product.

Focus2549d ago

Teasers are great when a product has yet to be formally introduced or announced and are great for building up hype and anticipation. We've known about VITA for months now, there's no point teasing something thats on the verge of release, people already know of it and right now all advertising should be showing the meat and potatoes of the device. Bad marketing move. Yes, even SONY are capable of that, stop looking at me like I've just had relations with your high school sweet heart

Ddouble2550d ago

Looks more like a teaser.

user8586212549d ago

Sony back to their stupid weird adverts??

At least show the handheld with some games...

2549d ago
cypher2dna2549d ago

It was a shame that SCE Hong Kong has mislead consumers in the press and advertisement. .In the above official website, it stated the price for standalone or value pack PSV, ranging from HK$2280 to HK$3480. But on the date of pre-order, without any announcements given, both HMV and Sony-style forced consumers to purchase an additional game for every package available, which boost up the price for about HK$300 to HK$400. You can see from this web, .
I am very disappointed as a fan of Playstation that sony cheat his consumer.

MasterCornholio2549d ago

Nintendo did something even worse with the 3DS. First they release it at 250 euros to take advantage of early adopters then when the sales died down they dropped the price to boost sales. This drop happened shortly after the 3DS launched. And if that isn't enough in a year or two they are going to release a 3DS with dual circle pads that will improve camera controls a lot.

What I am trying to say is that both Sony and Nintendo have business practices that are frowned upon by the consumers.


Focus2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

What you're trying to say is LEAVE SONY ALONE!!

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