BioShock Q&A's David Craddockhad had the chance to interview Ken Levine, Creative Director and President of Irrational Games, to learn more about this promising title.

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Dusk4149d ago

The bottom of the article states that Bioshock is due out for the PC and 360. Is there actually a PS3 version or is that just a rumor?

USMChardcharger4149d ago

i was just about to point out the same it is:

"BioShock is due out in 2007 for PC and Xbox 360"

there web site (unless i missed it) fails to mention PS3 as well.

TheMART4149d ago

I hate to spoil the PS3 party, but only a PS magazine said:

"It will be confirmed for PS3, trust us".

With no proof, no link. No source, nothing.

THere has been no other confirmation. On the website of 2kGames there is still only PC and 360 mentioned.

Don't get me wrong, it could well be on PS3, like Assassins Creed is on 360. But it's still not announced in any form or hard evidence.

bambam19014149d ago

Go to There is a preview with screenshots from the PS3 version. I submitted this yesterday, but it was rejected I suppose. Not sure why you're in such denial. Just another great game for PS3/360/PC owners to enjoy.

bambam19014149d ago

I could actually be mistaken if those are in fact 360 shots. Doesn't matter to me. I'll be happy to get the 360 version if it doesn't come out for PS3.

JIN KAZAMA 1874149d ago

Assasins Creed was "only" on the PS3, but everyone knew it was commin to the 360 as well. Its only a matter of time before this gets official for the PS3.

TheMART4149d ago

Few difference Jin, just a few.

Assassins Creed was already announced for 360 @ X05 in Amsterdam as Project Assassin.

You keep forgetting that every time. It's not like every game from a 3rd party developper will come to all platforms.

And the PS3 has the disadvantage here for the coming time with games. It has no userbase yet or a very small one (like 500k at the end of this year), while the 360 has 10 million users at the time the PS3 will launch.

Furthermore, we all know Ubisoft is main supplier for 360, 2kGames isn't main supplier for PS3.

So many differences. Assassins Creed is a whole other story and you know it.

kmis874149d ago

While not confirmed for ps3 numerous sources have indicated that it might be. If you go to the wikipedia article on bioshock, it gives a link to an upcoming Official Playstation Magazine article that says bioshock will be on the ps3, and it says Gamespot has said a ps3 version is coming. Of course you can still doubt it, but i think i'm leaning towards believing it will be on a ps3.

TheMART4149d ago

Again, here it is:

only a PS magazine said:

"It will be confirmed for PS3, trust us".

With no proof, no link. No source, nothing.

THere has been no other confirmation. On the website of 2kGames there is still only PC and 360 mentioned.

If you say numerous sources indicated something, give the exact links to the different sources please.

There is just one and I've just written that down for you. If you leaning towards believing doesn't matter. What the facts are matters

kmis874149d ago

I just got my sources from wikipedia which said some sources and specifically listed OPM and Gamespot which I said in my post.

TheMART4149d ago

Wikipedia contains more things that ain't true or correct.


Still haven't seen more then those scans of Sony reporters saying it will be on PS3 and we should trust them.

Anything close to or related to Sony is not trustworthy, they're constantly pulling 'a Sony' on us all

kmis874149d ago (Edited 4149d ago )

I never said it was confirmed, i said some people have said it will come and i'm leaning towards an eventual ps3 release. Then you just start going on about how Sony lies, and I'm wondering how my comment on what I believe might happens causes you to go off like this. Personally, I care a lot more about what some magazine reporters, who would probably catch a bunch of sh** from a developer if they ran some random erroneous article with no proof behind it, have to say than some d*****bag like you who spends more time complaining about sony than playing his 360.

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