The 10 Best Xbox 360 Games

PC World: Before you start shopping for the holidays, check out our "Top 10" Xbox 360 games and why they're the best ones you can get on the console today.

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ApplEaglElephant2573d ago

Might as well as buy a PC or PS3. since you can easily get 9/10 games on that list. Plus the tons of exclusive the platform offers.

bozebo2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )


It missed Halos, Losy Odyssey and Ninja Gaiden 2. I hate Gears anyway, played the first; bought the 2nd... will not buy the third. Halo releases are the only reason I havn't sold my 360 lol.

Then there are also a lot of great arcade titles it skipped over lol.

In terms of games that I like personally, PC and PS3 both have a significantly superior library of exclusives (probably because they both have a lot more too).

egidem2573d ago

Is it my browser/computer or are all N4G "Read full story >>" links no longer opening in a new tab?

Damn, now I have to click on all links while holding down ctrl!

I hope they fix it. Just put back the target="_blank" valued attribute back inside the link!!

_Aarix_2573d ago

It's on the 360, you can play it on the 360. I don't know if your fanboyist head knows this but no one gives as a big of a shit outside n4 g about exclusives. Ps3 gamers prefer multiplatform games while only a few sell well. There's so many games on the 360 it's awesome. That applies to the ps3 as well. Stop bitching, buy your damn exclusives and enjoy.

dorron2573d ago

Only 1 out of 10 is X360 exclusive...that must mean something.

JellyJelly2573d ago

It means the author chose to only have one 360 exclusive on his list.

Siren302573d ago

Not as bad as only 1 ps3 exclusive in npd top 20 list

dorron2573d ago

NPD is just USA, not the world, so...whta's the point of your statement? everybody know's USA is Microsoft territory. Rest of the world goes for PS3.

Hicken2573d ago

Except that would be about sales, whereas this is about which games are "best."

Undoubtedly, a "best of" list of games on the PS3 would be exclusive-heavy.

Pikajew2573d ago

From a site called PC world...

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hennessey862573d ago

my favorite 10 ps3 games
2.Pro evo 12
2.cod 4
5.tiger woods 10
7.batman arkym city
8.golden eye
9.gta 4
10.fifa 12

oh look only one exclusive oops

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