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Geoff Gets Locked Out of Xbox Live

It appears no matter who you are, Microsoft's Xbox Live team will lock your account until a certain period. (Geoff Keighley, Xbox 360)

rebirthofcaos  +   1127d ago
well. I have dont think he was hacked right.... right?

because I mean its microsoft, their system cannot be hacked.
Hufandpuf  +   1127d ago
Not sure if serious.
WhiteLightning  +   1127d ago
How can you say that and not add the image......

...for shame

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egidem  +   1127d ago
For some weird reason, he's got a face that I would love to punch. :S
Bull5hifT  +   1127d ago
he's cool i like his unbiased views, if he had a show id watch it
kreate  +   1127d ago
he does have a show
_Aarix_  +   1126d ago
Your missing the fry face.
crxss  +   1126d ago
not really a huge fan of geoff keighley but he did stand up for ME back in 2008 against a group of fox analysts so i mean he deserves some respect - http://www.gametrailers.com...
SilentNegotiator  +   1126d ago
"It appears Stepto (aka Stephen Toulouse), the Xbox Live Director of Policy and Enforcement will be helping Geoff get his account back sooner than expected"

Well duh. If it were some peon customer, the full 25 days might be used, but they don't want the bad publicity.
Ddouble  +   1127d ago
Microsoft are still saying it's down to phising but i'm sure there's something, a hole that a lot of people know how to exploit.

The only question is why is it still happening.
Now that it's happened to a Gaming journalist maybe more people will take it seriously.
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TheBeast  +   1127d ago
It would be scary to fear that someone managed to steal a lot of passwords without MS knowing about it...
killerhog  +   1127d ago
wouldnt be surprising. MS xbox 360 has been insecure since launch, but xbox fanboys (no offense to real xbox owners), are delusional and only want to bring up sony's latest security problem that, so far, have been no reports of actual information being stolen.

go look-up the many hackers publicly advertising the theft of any account on the 360, and to prove their ability, they usually hack journalists or xbox staff members to inveigle attention.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1126d ago
"Microsoft are still saying it's down to phising but i'm sure there's something"

Unless Geoff fell for one of those "Get free MS points!!" sites, lol.
kaveti6616  +   1126d ago
As far as what I've read on the net, MS is supposed to encrypt consumer data to like 1024 bits so that decrypting it would take a very long time, like many years. This is assuming that the decryption algorithm MS uses isn't stolen by whoever.
killerhog  +   1127d ago
"take it seriously", since its now happening to game journalist? are you for real? it happen to Ms's head security poncho toutso (however you spell his name), it happen to Ms's female representative, it HAPPEN to Patcher, and millions of xbox 360 owners since launch, and Ms still has done nothing to extirpate the problem. Besides their patent, "shouldnt give your password away durrrrrrrrrr".
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Darkfocus  +   1126d ago
ya major Nelson(xbox live director) got his account hacked and they did nothing...
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Buff1044  +   1127d ago
Who cares? This isn't news. It's crazy the crap you guys promote to the front page.
Parapraxis  +   1126d ago
How is this NOT news?
A prominent industry figure is locked out of a service.
That, if anything, would qualify as legitimate news.
Kuleman_beast  +   1127d ago
Geoff keighley is terrible
FourGees  +   1127d ago
He obviously fell for a phishing scam.

I wonder if this has anything to do with that Steam hack a few weeks ago? Maybe got a hold of his user/pass which is the same on both services.
M1chl  +   1127d ago
This is actually a interesting idea...
bozebo  +   1126d ago
^ is how most people get "hacked"

or keyloggers/man-in-the-middle

Also, MS connects your xbl or 'live' account to loads of other MS related stuff, I can log into xbl with 3 of my different passwords lol.

Though er, the steam community doesn't store passwords in plaintext (vBulletin). I don't think any service/site does lol, that would be silly. Any site that uses a common forum system will be hacked at some point because there are people with access to the source code who will find vulnerabilities. I'm not sure why valve didn't have it custom programmed in-house lol (harder to hack if their programmers are good, or a lot easier if they suck).
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ThatIrishGamer  +   1127d ago
So the famous guy gets his account back sooner than usual.

What a delightful thing for the rest of us commoners.
Buzz7S  +   1127d ago
My thoughts exactly. If I had made mention of being locked out of Xbox LIVE, I'd be told to go through the RECOMMENDED process, which is to speak to a customer service rep who struggles to speak English.
ZippyZapper  +   1127d ago
why the hell would he give his name and password to anyone and get caught in a phishing scam? Of all people you would think he would know better.
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Sub4Dis  +   1126d ago
"It appears no matter who you are, Microsoft's Xbox Live team will lock your account until a certain period."

perhaps the most moronic grouping of words in all of n4g history.

aka what happens when 17 year olds make a website.
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Chnswdchldrn  +   1126d ago
Gee wiz xbox live sure is worth it, with that enhanced security and all
JellyJelly  +   1126d ago
At least they put enough effort in to encrypt personal data. Unlike Sony.
delosisland  +   1126d ago
Omfg go away u worthless sh!thead. Go play ur 87 billion exclusives. Honestly, please I'm begging u and so many others- DO NOT EVER CLICK XBOX RELATED ARTICLES AGAIN!! it makes no sense, u clearly think xbox live sucks, probably just out of uninformed bias, so go stay on psn. See i did not say anythjng negative about ur system of choice. But then again I'm just "dumb American sheep" for buying xbox in the first place...anyways stop clicking links just to whine like a little bitch. Go play ur f#$%@ing ps3 god Damnit
iagainsti120  +   1126d ago
I'm happy to know that i wont ever see you on PSN. You are one of the reasons i left Xbox live (ignorant yelling children). Btw nothing is un-hackable.

@jellyjelly the personal info in the PSN servers is encrypted no one lost their personal info all anonymous did was DDOS Sony's servers and leave a note in .txt that said something like i was here.

Chnswdchldrn has a valid point and he did't even bash the Xbox. You delosisland took that and threw it in his face, overreacted and made yourself look like a 8 year old who had his Power Ranger toys stolen and then broken right in front of him... Did he say Xbox live sucks? no. Did he say PSN is the shiznit? no. Go crawl back under your bridge

I have both Xbox and PS3

Related video
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Neko_Mega  +   1126d ago
Microsoft, no matter who you are. We own you.
Noticeably_FAT  +   1126d ago
That is what happens when you get your account phished, definitely not "hacked". The term hacked has absolutely been so overused lately.

Also, don't make your password something ridiculously easy.
TheEatingVodka  +   1126d ago
Good job Microsoft I hate that homo

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