PS3 Outsellselling Wii in Japan A Sign Of Revival?

Finally, one year after the official launch of its gaming platform, Sony did the right thing. The Japanese company has unveiled a new 40GB version, price-tagged at only $400 and it has slashed the price of the 80GB version to $499. All these moves have improved the sales of PlayStation 3 and for the first time in months Sony's gaming device has managed to outsell Nintendo Wii in its homeland

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TriggerHappy3946d ago

Revival ? It was never dead it Japan. The sales were just a bit slow and it picked up. Where it goes from here though, all depends on Sony.

travelguy2k3945d ago

you contribute the piece and then make the first comment about it being an incorrect statement? just asking although i do agree, in the wise works of LL Cool J ...don't call it a comeback... never been gone.

Rikitatsu3946d ago

Wasn't Dead in japan to begin with , If there is a dead console in Japan it would be The Xbox 360.

Lex Luthor3946d ago

Wii has gone back to outselling PS3 again.

Real gamer 4 life3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Yea you are right but now with the new price change the ps3 can be a little more competitive in the console war. It wont no longer be a trend of the wii outselling the ps3 in japan, maybe one week the ps3 sales more while in the other weeks wii sale more. and if the wii does outsell the ps3 it wont be by a huge ratio. So making a new sku at a cheaper price was a good move by the japanese company.

unlimited3945d ago

The PS3 still outsold the Wii in 4 weeks of Nov. I like how he think that Sony PS3 is no competition this holidays. Which is BS..They have a cheaper SKU out and more games then last year. It will sell better and perhaps come close to even matching the 360 sales..

Real gamer 4 life3946d ago

Sony realize that their entry price for the ps3 was what was holding back consumers from purchasing their hardware. So they adjusted the price and made it cheaper and know you are seeing consumers react. There has always been a strong demand for the ps3 in japan, and now is that people are seeing.

Bubble Buddy3945d ago

its true. 6 of my friends are getting ps3 for xmas after the price dropped. before their parents won't let em buy it cause it was too expensive.

Gordii3945d ago

I fail to see how you guys can consider a rival when the prices are so much different. IF the ps3 was the same price as the WII. PS3 would sell wii out almost most of the time if not all the time.

ChickeyCantor3945d ago

See you are wrong there, they both have a goal: games.
thats where they're put on the same line.

( and trust me no one cares if you go whining about : REAL GAME BLA BLA BLA no matter what you claim they are both gaming consoles.)

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The story is too old to be commented.