Moral Kombat Trailer

Independent film maker Spencer Halpin's documentary tackles the subject of violence in video games.

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MK_Red3798d ago

After wathcing this trailer, somehow I feel it's really not as unbiased as it should be and most likely, it's a weapon in hands of Jack Thompson rather than an informed and independent look at video game violence.
The guy says people learn flying jets by Simulator games so they would learn killing people in FPS games!! Are people really this stupid? Holding a 360 or PS3 controller or Wiimote is like holding a AK-47!? God, those people are either really clueless or are intentionally working against games.

Baba19063798d ago

couldnt agree more. how can you compare a organisation of terrorist who are trained to kill, and kill themselfs for a so called "greater good" to a child who plays games? I have played my whole life video games, and i am probably the most non-violent person on earth.<--- cant prove it. =D this incidents are not happening becouse they play games. its becouse this people are sick. they have problems, at home, at school, and on many other stages. sure there might be a copy cat now and than who is so crazy that he want to try out something he played on a game. but what comes next? cancel moveis? tv shows? and than books? how about looking for the real problem!!!!!

MK_Red3798d ago

Good points.
I believe they don't want to deal with the real problem and thus blame video games.

It's shamefull how they connect 9/11 to video game violence and such.

Kaneda3797d ago

We're talking about kids playing violence games...

kamisama3798d ago

Wow why do people always look for something to blame when something terrible happens i mean really first it was marilyn manson/Music then it was movies and tv shows now video games!?

Mr_Showtime13798d ago

they are blaming video games for the violence but its only in america wer crime levels are so high, and the rest of the world plays just as many video games, so quite simply, jack tompson. you.are.wrong

Double-Edged3798d ago

i thought it was MORTAL kombat.

silly me...

Doppy3797d ago

I thought this was a preview of the next gen Mortal Kombat game :(

aba3797d ago

Yeah I thought it was too.

Double-Edged3798d ago

i''m gonna ninja Gaiden 2 his a$$

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