Jeff Gerstmann: A Victim of Corporate Cannibalism

Sony's very own Uncharted and Microsoft's Mass Effect, both games scored in the 8-8.5 range on Gamespot, whereas equally big sites like IGN and 1UP gave greater scores than Gamespot (Mass Effect: 1UP - 9.0, IGN-9.4, Uncharted:1UP 8.5, IGN- 9.0). Metacritic which is also owned by CNET has a metascore of 92 for Mass Effect and 88 for Uncharted. It would be ridiculous to turn a blind eye to such factors which could have played a HUGE factor in Jeff's firing.

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xaphanze3883d ago

so it was him who scored those...mmmm

100003883d ago

nope...he is or was the editor in chief at any content that appeared on the site was through him...

BrianC62343883d ago

Funny how there's no mention of the terrible Ratchet & Clank Future review. That was the last straw for me regarding Gameslop. Jeff Gerstmann didn't review the games but he was in charge of reviews. He gave the games out to be reviewed. He gave Ratchet & Clank to that loser Aaron Thomas who only likes sports games. I guess Gerstmann isn't smart enough to realize what type of games his reviewers like. He could have looked up Aaron's past reviews and see he shouldn't review a platformer. Especially not a big one. Why didn't he have him review Mario too?


Erm Ign scored Uncharted 9.1

BrianC62343883d ago

I don't agree with this article. Uncharted and Mass Effect weren't the problem. Just overall reviews on Gameslop. They haven't cared about what gamers think about them for a while. This firing was good in my opinion. Start over. Give games to reviewers who like the genre and get honest reviews. Gameslop needs to rebuild their image. I think it might be too late though. I don't care what their reviewers say anymore.

scrillakiller3883d ago

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RelloC3883d ago

how many fvcking threads are you going to post this horse sh!t in??

IGNFTW3883d ago


Muppetmeat3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

The first sentence isn't even a complete sentence. The last one uses the word 'factor' twice. This isn't journalism, it's 1st grade English for retards. I'm sorry, but I can't take ANY report seriously if the person writing it doesn't understand the fundamental principles of the language in which he is writing.... There's just a basic loss of respect for the brain behind the whole creative process.

jaja14343883d ago

How do you manage to read through some of N4G's post then?

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