GripShift interview: DLC, level editor, achievements

Eurogamer talks with Mario Wynands, the head of GripShift developer Sidhe Interactive.

Eurogamer: How did the Xbox Live Arcade version come about? Given that your launch platform was PSP and your follow-up was PSN, we were getting the impression you were honour-bound to Sony, or perhaps beating off the New Zealand sun with one of their infamous money hats!

Mario Wynands: Sidhe has traditionally worked across multiple platforms, so while we have always enjoyed working on the PlayStation platforms, we have never been exclusive to them. In the case of GripShift for PSN, we had an existing relationship with Sony Online Entertainment via the PSP version so that made getting onto the PS3 a quick process.

An Xbox Live Arcade version has been planned for some time, and we are pleased for the game to be finally appearing on the platform.

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PirateThom3950d ago

Does is have this anywhere in the interview:

"We have a terrible game that no one bought, so now we're porting it because we really need money so we don't go out of business."

SabreMan3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

i quite enjoyed it when i first bought my ps3 in April, altho i haven't played it for months it's a pretty good game for a quick twenty minute blast.
the mulitplayer aspect is very good imo, well i had plenty of good close racing

it's definitely one of those love or hate games