CliffyB Talks Gears of War Achievements, Ponders Real-life Rewards

MTV Multiplayer continues its on-going Achievement series. Cliff Bleszinski (a.k.a. "CliffyB"), Lead Designer at Epic Games, gives a brief rundown on the Achievements for the best-selling title Gears of War (which recently came out for the PC).

Bleszinski wanted to spread the Gamerscore love to not-so-skillful Gears players: "A good achievement is one that rewards experimentation or unique behavior. Even giving players an award for even attempting to play a game in a cooperative fashion at its most rudimentary level is a great motivator for inexperienced gamers to share a title with others."

He also talks more about the hardest Gears Achievement and how there should be real-life rewards for high Gamerscores…

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AlexQuevedo3883d ago

In regards to real life rewards, America's Army: True Soldiers does reward players for certain things. I was talking with one of the devs and he said as you rack up your points, you can earn Real Heroes action figures and trips to Army sponsored stuff.