Top 5 reasons to avoid online reviews

Do you read reviews for the info, or to aid purchasing decisions. Either way, here's five reasons reviews should be avoided.

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bunt-custardly2552d ago

I wasn't even aware there was such a thing as online reviews.

iChii2551d ago

Whats an online review?

R4MBO2551d ago

Sites have lost their credibility with reviews, even with the bigger sites. I trust ArsTechnica due to the exclusion of scores, with the text spurring me to buy the game or not. Also, GiantBomb are extremely reliable for reviews too.

LOGICWINS2551d ago

I think reviewers give high scores away like candy. Take Resistance 3 for example. Pre-patch there was BLATANT lag when aiming down the sights of a gun when using Move. IGN mentions this in their review..yet the game still gets a 9. Are you kidding me?

The game had a glaring issue when playing with Move, yet the game still gets a glowing a review.

TheOtherTheoG2551d ago

In that case, it's because, within the context of the actual quality of the game, that sort of thing is a very minor issue, which will affect a minority of those playing the game. If reviewers always knocked 2 or 3 points out of 10 for niggles like that no game would get above a six.

LOGICWINS2551d ago

...if in an FPS, there is blatant lag when aiming down the sights, thats a HUUUUUGE problem! How can you say that something like that is a "niggle"?

There are 9 million Move controllers in the wild and Resistance 3 hasn't even come close to selling that much. How do you know its affecting the minority of people playing the game? Theres actually good evidence that the majority of people bought the game with the intention of using Move.

ZombieAssassin2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Of all the games getting high scores you call out R3 over a move problem that was addressed shorty after launch...come on man I doubt most reviewers even spent time using the move.

EDIT...sure avoid the rest of the post. Whatever though it's typical of you, the problem was addressed before the game shipped I believe too, goodbye sir.

LOGICWINS2551d ago

"...come on man I doubt most reviewers even spent time using the move."

Ummm...yeah, thats the problem.

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doctorstrange2551d ago

People need to be less score obsessed. Most people don't read the reviews, just skim to the score.

LOGICWINS2551d ago

Consumers need to be less score obsessed. Devs are a different story. Many get bonuses if their game scores well on Metacritic.

Venox20082551d ago

I'm happy that I tryed some games with lower scores (6-7) ..and guess what? some where even better than those, which had 8 or 9 :)

admiralthrawn872551d ago

heres 2 reasons why

Serious Sam 3 metacritic - 69
Call of Duty MW3 metacritic - 89

Dark Souls - 89
Skyrim - 96

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