Tales of Graces f Localization And Dubbing Complete, Early 2012 Release In US Hinted

Tales Union writes: "Back in October, we got our first look at Tales of Graces f in English, albeit with some of the voices being hard to hear due to the noise from the other games being demonstrated at the event. Thanks to 8-4 Ltd.'s newest "8-4 Play" podcast we now have more information about the game's localization progress."

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Hardedge2551d ago

Thank you NB! So looking forward to this.

princejb1342551d ago

yessss i was waiting for this
give it to me nowwwwww!!!!

Misterhbk2550d ago

Already have this preordered and can't wait to get it! It's gonna be amazing! GameStop has the release date set for Feb 7th. Right now that sounding like the correct date.

tiffac0082551d ago

Alright now that's music to my ears :D

Lavalamp2551d ago


Aww yeah!

EcoSos32551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Between January and February there's 4 games Im getting now Tales of Grace f, Tale of the Abyss 3ds, Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 and Soul Calibur 5.

Almost forgot the Vita is also coming out in Feb luckily I already paid full.

Burning_Finger2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Where is Vesperia and Xillia?

ShawnCollier2551d ago

Vesperia PS3 almost likely won't be coming over since re-releases almost always sell badly in North America, among other issues.

Xillia will rest on whether Graces f/Abyss sells well enough outside Japan.

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