Rumour: Modern Warfare 3 - First DLC Nostalgic Map Pack

According to a video uploaded by user FreestyleReplay, the first DLC Map Pack that will be released will be nostalgia based, ergo the name the "Nostalgic Map Pack".

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Codeman4202550d ago

if true the only good map in there is crossfire. they need to bring overgrown in there and ill be a happy player

Motorola2550d ago

Terminal and Favela are pretty good too. Crossfire will be a camper's paradise.

iChii2550d ago Show
cyborg69712550d ago

Grab the utter pull it down and fill the bucket.

@ichii why do you think it's always battlefield players who are dissatisfied with this game?

I know plenty of cod fanatics that hate on this game as well. You know why. Cause it blows. Even more than mw2.

Fylus2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

iChii, yeah calm down. My friend has been a loyal CoD fan for ages and he always complains about how disappointing MW3 is compared to the others. I've yet to even see a "BF fanboy" comment here yet. All the comments that may seem like "trolling" actually give great points.

HSx92550d ago

@iChii it's funny how BF3 players don't care to post here because they are too busy enjoying their game.

PshycoNinja2550d ago

Actualy I think MW2 was the worst. MW3 is the best one since COD4. It had a great single player, a good multiplayer and a great new co-op mode.

blumatt2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

CoD4 is STILL the best CoD game out. It had the best balance of all of them, and the maps were designed the best. Also, it was much more simple. You had 3 , 5 , and 7 Kills which gave you a UAV, Airstrike, and Helicopter, respectively. And the helicopter wasn't so damned hard to take down like they are in MW2/MW3. It could be taken down with a reasonable amount of ammo from a standard assault rifle. You didn't HAVE to use a rocket launcher.

That was so much better than MW2 and MW3, with all the noob features like Deathstreaks. If you suck, you should just suck, not get help with things like Pain Killer in MW2. And that new feature in MW3 where you can run really super fast if you're starting to die alot. Until they get back to the roots of CoD4, I'm done. I'm trading my MW3 copy in for Skyrim (PS3).

And regarding this DLC, we should be able to get these maps for free if we already have the previous games. They shouldn't be RE-SELLING us these maps. If anything, give us these maps for free. And also, all the map packs from MW2 should be playable with MW3 as well. It's a ripoff we can't use map packs with the next game, if you ask me. It's the exact same game engine as the last 5 years, so it would work.

The only map I see worth buying the map pack for is Crossfire from CoD4. I'm gonna go play some CoD4 right now, matter of fact. The only CoD game worth playing, personally.

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KingZFlipper2550d ago


They probably won't bring it back since it was in a map pack in MW2. Only map of these that I don't like is Shipment. Everything else is fine.

Tanir2550d ago

or you could pop in a your copy of MW1 and play the map, the gameplay is the same, only diff is new killsteaks. graphics arent even better so whats the point?

I knew they would release this garbage because not one map in MW3 is good or memorable as the old ones and thats cuz most of infinity ward left, only the crappy guys stood behind and made the current team.

i feel bad for who ever buys this junk or wasted money on elite so they could get maps they've been playin for years. Hilarious thing is u guys already bought these old maps for ur MW2, now u buy it again for MW3....haha so sad

RioKing2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

mw3's graphics are better than cod4's. Not a super-drastic change, but they're better should make an appointment with your eye doctor.

Also, if you guys like having half of your matches end prematurely due to the host "backing out" then go for, play cod4. I tend enjoy games more where the match switches hosts when one leaves :) If mw3 had that issue, you haters would be all over that..talking tons of s**t like you still do.

Codeman4202550d ago

graphics have been the same since COD2 back when the 360 launched they have just updated them slightly. and the spawn system in COD4 was the best in the series dont know who thought it was a good idea to get rid of it.

RioKing2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

^If the graphics are updated, how are they "the same"?

And idk if it's true or not...but I believe I heard somewhere that the spawn system was changed because people figured out how to spawn-trap. That definitely could be wrong though...

Disccordia2550d ago

I played cod4 the other day. Whilst the game was incredible four years ago it's amazing how much all those little refinements over the year have made. COD4 gave me great memories but sometimes it's best to never go back.

However some of those maps were great. I wish Activision would release all the old ones for free. Would he awesome to have like 40 maps to play on. It would actually be a good pr exercise for them. Such a shame they never will

Codeman4202550d ago

@RioKing they are the same graphics they just add minor tweaks to the to get them to run smoother. and about the spawn system, its worse now than in MW1. In the first MW it made since if you passed the halfway point on the map you switch sides in the match here its all random where you will spawn right beside someone on the other team. been that way ever since WaW, and while they say they fixed the issue it still remains.

Cosmo8112549d ago

Way to downplay MW3's new features. If you honestly think the only new features is new killstreaks then you're a poor troll.

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jriquelme_paraguay2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

if remade maps are gift... OK... (Heavy Metal and Harvest Day)

But pay for old maps? NO WAY!!!

I dont pay my Premium Elite to get OLD maps... NO NO NOOOOO

Nostalgia my a.....

RioKing2550d ago

That's funny because I loved Favela and will be super-excited if it's back. Oh well, I guess I'm in the minority (on N4G, lol)

Yeah yeah I get it, "if you want Favela put your mw2 disc in" blah blah blah....

jriquelme_paraguay2550d ago

wich is the funny part?
i'm not laughing

Kahvipannu2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Yeah, Dice did it right earlier, all map packs were free if you had bought the game new, or had online pass.

Epic also did it right, all map packs were free in GoW1, old maps were free in GoW2, and new ones were in reasonable priced, not sure about GoW3 tought.

If Activision asks 10-15€ for old maps, I wouldn't be surprised, but it would be laughable. Tought past have shown why not? People will still buy them to get theyr favourite map/s to play again, no matter the price..

xtremexx2550d ago

whaaaaat? terminal is a pretty good app

moparful992550d ago

We have to wait until march for the first map pack? I'm starting to regret my elite membership...

manitobawpg2550d ago

i believe that would be day/month/year

mittwaffen2550d ago

What a fucking scam; already been shown that map data is on the pc version.

snipes1012549d ago

Im pretty sure this has happened with other games, where the content is already on the disk and then you pay to unlock it under the guise of downloadable content.

I may be wrong, correct me if I am, but if this is the case it isn't fair to criticize CoD for it.

Kahvipannu2549d ago

True snipes, I have seen this quite a lot, but I'm not sure if it is that simple.

For example in BF:BC2 I bought Vietnam add-on, which came out pretty long time after the real game, and the size was about 700kb? It had new maps, a lot of music, vehicles, weapons, total conversion of the game (have to mention it was 12€, insanelly cheap).

How in the name of something I can't type here it was so small? Was the game running on server side or something? Don't know if in this case the content allready is in the game as mittwaffen stated, could be there is just something that makes the game ready for the maps? Maybe someone with better knowledge can bring some light in this matter, since I would like to know how these things work...

PRHB HYBRiiD2550d ago

shipment....1v1 :D and favela those 2 maps are good...but only 4???

Piegoose2549d ago

OR, why don't they get off their ass's and make a new map. :L
A little less copy/paste would make this repainted Modern Warfare 2 alittle bit more original.

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C_Menz2550d ago

Who could have known that they would reuse maps from previous games? Not like they have did that several times before..

MaverickStar72550d ago

Hasn't this video already been confirmed as fake?

Blastoise2550d ago

I like CoD, but i dont want to play CoD4 and mw2 maps...if i wanted to play them i`d go back to CoD4 and MW2.

maverick11912550d ago

why keep on putting older cod maps out i mean cod4 maps? seriously, everyone has cod im sure if you want to play them maps you go put that cod in stick to new maps IW stop being a lazy bunch of tw*ts remaking older maps on previous games

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