Sony's 3D gaming TV delayed until 2012

GameRockers recently did an article on 3D TV's with some of GameRockers readers hoping to pick up Sony's gaming TV for Christmas, unfortunately Santa's sack is going to be minus Sony 3D gaming TV's in the UK this year as it appears to have been pushed back to 2012.

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jthamind2576d ago

hopefully in that time span they can add a remote control to the package. seems like a pretty good deal other than that.

Game0N2576d ago

yea...i actually pefer them to increase the size of the TV or at least have another model thats like 40inches or maybe 46 but then the price will surely jump $500

Cupid_Viper_32576d ago

Yeah for a while there I was torn between buying this tv or the HMZ 3D display, I went with the HMZ, had it for about 3 days now, cost me about $900.00 with taxes, but the screen size and immersive feeling you get dwarfs anything except for a movie theather. Playing GT5 in 3D and with surround sound is nothing short of breathtaking, I let my friend try it for one lap on the Nurburgring and he was sweating and could sit still as he was turning his head with everyturn, lol. If you have the money, then I say go for the HMZ-T1, $300.00 more but again, you get a theater size screen.

The only downsides are that, you can't share the awsomeness simultaneously with someone else, and you do get a bit of pressure point on your forehead after about 2-3 hours, But I guess that may due to preventing people from using it for an extended period of time, the system itself warns you every 3 hours to shut it down.

snowy11852576d ago

Remote will be nice, although it's compatible to other Sony tv remote.

ginsunuva2576d ago

Uk only....

I saw it in the sony store today, and it was fantastic. Just as good as quality as any larger size screen and equal 3d quality. I'm buying one for my college dorm.

Motorola2576d ago

I saw it in the US best buy today. This is just UK i think.

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