Why Christmas Is A Great Time For Call Of Duty Players

Ahh, Christmas. Those festive T.V shows and movies, spending time with your family, presents, and best of all lvl 1's on Call Of Duty.

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FourGees2576d ago

Love to kill some noobs in the holidays!
Makes prestiging much much faster.

I wonder why Infinity Ward doesn't implement some sort of matchmaking system where you're paired with people your level? If it doesn't any then it can look for higher level..etc

xtremexx2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

lol YEA!, and they probably cant be bothered

xtremexx2576d ago

scratch that, i wouldnt want to be lobbied with people around my level, i like killing to be easy but not too easy

xtremexx2576d ago

time to own some noobs. lol the pic...