ZTGameDomain Review: Blacksite: Area 51

+ Game Play Is Superb
+ Visuals Truly Impress
+ Abduction Is A Nice Twist On Traditional Multi-Player
- Nothing Really Stands Out
- Campaign Is Disappointingly Short
- Squad AI Can Be Brainless At Times

In the ten years since its inception Midway Area 51 franchise has elevated from a archetypal arcade light gun game to a solid first-person shooter. The tradition continues with the latest release entitled Blacksite for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Much like its previous entry Blacksite is actually a well constructed shooter with solid visuals and an entertaining multi-player component, but will likely suffer at retail for the simple fact that it is being released alongside some truly top-tier titles during the mad rush known as the holiday season. However, if you are a fan of the franchise or just first-person shooters in general then Blacksite is definitely worth a second look...

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picker3323950d ago

I'll would never,NEVER pay 60dollars not even 20 for this game!

bluecapone3950d ago

Midway sucks the only thing saving them from going bye bye is Epic