Gabe: Piracy Isn't About Price

Valve boss says service, not price, the big issue for consumers and publishers.

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Pandamobile2574d ago

Valve - Model game developer.

Chrono2574d ago

Nice article. What he said is true. DRM only hurts the customer. Games like Xenoblade surely dragged many people into piracy, because even importing the game is not enough due to the region lock in Wiis.

n4gisatroll2574d ago

I agree with this article.

Just_Gamer2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

The man is right! When there was a war in my country, the only way I could continue gaming was to get pirated games. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, they don't care for children and people in war torn countries. Too inconvenient for them to reach customers. Damn careless psychopaths.

You'll see when there is a war in USA and Europe (seems pretty close when you watch the news), corporations will abandon you, sell their games to Chinese gamers, and only a few brave pirates will be able to smuggle chipped consoles and pirated games into your country.

I know that, to people who never experienced war, it may seem that not being able to game should not be a main problem for children in the war. But in reality, war is not a non-stop battle. Normal life continues in many cities and soldiers fight in the fields and villages. There are many days of cease-fire's not like you're in a constant threat for your life.

Being able to game thanks to pirates is what mostly kept me sane and upbeat to get through that wartime nonsense more easily and to keep my mind off the thought that my father could be dying somewhere at the front line.

BX812573d ago

World's smallest violin being played!