ZTGameDomain Review: Time Crisis 4

+ Tons Of Unlockable Content
+ Classic Arcade-Style Gunplay
+ New FPS Mode Works Surprisingly Well
- Guncon Accuracy Is Questionable At Times
- Graphics Definitely Need An Upgrade
- Arcade Mode Is Criminally Short

Ever since the decline of arcades in America there is one genre that has suffered more than most. Light gun games have become all but extinct in this new age of console and outside of a handful of particular developers no one really bothers with the format anymore. One of the developers who have stuck with it through it all is Namco with their venerable Time Crisis series. With each new Sony system we seem to get a new chapter in the franchise and the release of the PS3 is certainly no different. This year we have a new Guncon, new modes and features, and a well designed game that pays homage to the genre and broadens the PS3 software library with a blast from the past...

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