Rayman Origins Review at CalmDownTom

CalmDownTom says, "There are games that have no hype, come out of nowhere and are better than anyone expects them to be. Ico. Rez. Psychonauts. Rayman Origins now joins that list. In years to come, make sure you are one of the smart people who were ahead of everyone else and got this game before it became a collectors item."

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BoNeSaW232551d ago

Amazon has this right now for $39.99! I'm in for 1! It just came up 1:30 MT time.

WolfLeBlack2549d ago

It is indeed a damn fine game, and proof that the genre isn't quite dead just yet. Although the vast majority of gameplay in Origins is stuff taken from various other platformers throughout the years, it's still compelling stuff. And damn, does it look good!