Motorstorm: Apocalypse, the game that wasn’t there

"The game is about a racing event taking place in a ruined, mostly evacuated city that is about to be destroyed by the Big One. Each difficulty level has its own storyline following a different character. The story is told with shoddy animated sequences. Of course the story is only told in snippets with further information of what is going on left in the other storylines. To get the full scope you have to play all difficulty levels. It even does some neat things with the reusing the tracks like in one race that takes place on rooftops has part of one of the roofs missing as if smashed by a giant claw. In the next difficulty level you play that race earlier on in the day and see another skyscraper fall, while you’re driving, on that very section of roof. Of course the story matters little in a racing game and the excitement of driving and car fighting is more important. It is more than enough incentive to keep playing, but that’s where the game falls apart in the end. It was exciting...

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remanutd552576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

everyone is entitle to their own opinions , the game journalist or blog poster have his and i have mine , the original motorstorm took me by storm , Pacific Rift was a true sequel to monument valley and Apocalypse is just insane , i love almost everything about it but the cutscenes , i miss some things from the past motorstorms though , huge crashes , dirt on the screen from Monument Valley , beautiful environments , insane AI from Pacific Rift but that is compensate it on the online portion of the game ( weekly challenges for free, special events , betting , medals , accolades , perks and part challenges have really giving the game long lasting appeal ) takes time to do all that.

anyways its the best game i have played this year and yes i have played Unchated 3 ( which btw i think its great but doesnt have the wow factor U2 had and i think sony rushed it a little ) , inFAMOUS 2 which i think it was a true sequel to inFAMOUS and Little Big Planet 2 , i just wish Apocalypse was as hard as Pacific Rift but sadly they went a little too casual for me lol

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2576d ago

Agree all the way. I miss the off roading of Motorstorm 1. It was the only off roading racer on the block. I felt that the new Motorstorm was just jumping on the bandwagon of other crazy racers like Split Second. I was worried at first but the game is absolutely insane. It's an absolute blast to play with the volume full blast. Easily my favorite ps3 game this year. And I also played Uncharted 3 and agree everything you said about that too.

Maddens Raiders2575d ago

Best Off Road Racing Series of ALL-TIME, period. Sadly, I feel that Apocalypse is the weakest of the trio.

IMHO w/ Apocalypse, Evolution seemed to trade the pure raucous action of battling it out for 1st on somewhat believable courses (& great vehicles), for a COD'd style, pop culture type racer that felt a hint too "Hollywood". Again, these are only my opinions on a series I've loved and played since day numero uno.

remanutd552575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

i agree with your comment i was trying to remember another off road racer from past gens that i have loved as much as Motorstorm but i couldnt find any , anyways Motorstorm is the ONLY brutal off road racer this gen , hopefully evo go back to their roots and make a really hard to beat motorstorm worldwide festival ps4 launch title , omg i'd go NUTS !!!! oh and same thing applies to Guerrilla Games i feel Killzone 3 is too casual , make K4 as hard or even harder than K2

B_Rian892576d ago

I really enjoyed Motorstorm Apocalypse, so much so that I got a platinum trophy in it.

Catoplepas2576d ago

Best arcade racer this generation. Period.

SonyStyled2575d ago

i second that. getting to level 40 online was a bit of a grind tho

Azfargh2573d ago

cannot agree... I wanna participate the next MS (after this RC version) as a executive producer. They have talent, but this time, blowed up pretty good.

blackburn102575d ago

Motorstorm is the greatest off road series ever. It was tragically underhyped and misunderstood. I seriously don't understand what is wrong with this gen of gamers. Race through beautiful and dangerous environments or a burning, broken apocalyptic city with off road vehicles. Meh. Play the same shooter every year with the same bland environments, crappy stories, two dimensional characters and boring dialogue and everyone jumps for joy.

remanutd552575d ago

Motorstorm series is not an easy franchise to master same goes to Killzone 2 , Socom franchise so many people when they see that they prefer other easier games

DA_SHREDDER2575d ago

Dude, Motorstorm Apocalypse is the best racer this gen. The only thing they did wrong was the comic book story telling. Sure, maybe if it was as good as inFamous 1's story telling it would have been different. Not that it was horrible, but it just didn't fit the vision and gameplay of the series. Which is hardcore off road (and on top of roof tops) racing. There was a huge gap from my own vision of what the festival was, especially after playing Pacific Rift, I always imagined the lunatics being more human, and alot more cooler than the weak characters who in MS:A.

As for the gameplay, Ill be honest, I missed the freedom that was in Pacific Rift. There seemed like there was too many obstacles in Apocalypse. There was nothing wrong with them adding concrete to the mix. But there was just too much junk between the players and the track. Also, there was alot of jumps in MS 1 and 2. Not so much in Apocalypse.

But then there were things in MS:A that blew my mind. Like the Tornado pulling you towards it. Then the next thing you know your riding down the sides of sky scrapers. I didn't like the perks, but I liked the new classes. The soundtrack wasn't as good as MS:PR but I always play my own music from the HDD. The good thing is, you can own all the motorstorms. Hopefully next time they take more of what was good from the series, like the fantasy of the festival, bring it back to its former glory, but keep all the good stuff that was in MS:A, like the crazies, the rockets, machine guns, the explosions, the earthquakes, buildings falling down. Oh, and keep the classic controls. Im so used to using O as the hand brake I just couldn't do the new controls.

HOSe2575d ago

havent played the game in months but it sure is the best arcade race ive played recently.

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