Version 2.0 - Square Enix's plan to save Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix have provided an update on planned version 2.0 for Final Fantasy XIV, which will see the MMO go through some major overhauls and changes to improve it and provide the experience SE promised and what the players expected.

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richierich2548d ago

Forget FF XIV let it die with dignity and get back to work on Versus XIII

Kamikaze1352548d ago

If you knew what you were talking about you would know that the teams working on XIV and Versus XIII are entirely different. Canceling XIV wouldn't speed up Versus XIIIs development.

mittwaffen2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Damage is done, it'll never recover.

Even if it went F2P; it'd be lucky to live.

Burning_Finger2548d ago

Final Fantasy VII Remake Please!!

Wintersun6162548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Back when PS3 was announced, a FF7 remake seemed like the best possible thing in the world. But looking at it now, could they actually pull it off without dividing the fans?

If they kept the core gameplay mostly the same, there would be a big bunch of people saying that it's not on par with todays standards when it comes to battle system. RPG fans seem to be a little divided between those who loved FF13-like linear but fluent battle system, and those who want SE to go back to the old days and bring back turn based combat.

Even though I found FF13's battle system to be mostly ok, I think it would be blasphemy to remake FFVII with said system. Even though FF7 remake seems very _very_ unlikely, I fear if they did it, they would go with the more up to date battle system that would be fast paced and less controllable like FF13's was. And having to wait for a bar to fill up would not be ok for some other people anymore.

How about we leave this topic alone, and let FF7 be?

I don't know if this possible divide of fans is an issue of any magnitude, but I've been thinking something like that for a long time now and a few beers make my fingers fly.

richierich2548d ago

If they did do a FF7 remake Im sure they would profit big time

negroguy2548d ago

Ill have to wait and see about this. I played it when it was free but since they're adding paid sub now i'm guessing they will lose some players. Hopefully 2.0 will have major changes and intrigue me to subscribe.

gtxgamer22548d ago

In my opinion making it Free 2 play alot more people would download an play but just add things such as FF points or FF coins, so people can buy stuff an they would at least make some money to support it