SWTOR Beta Now Live

BioWare has announced today that the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta has officially gone live.

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Wizziokid2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

and all the servers are full, poor start, my main issue being in the EU server list they only have 1 English server and it's PVE... why don't English get PVP?

before some people say yes other countries have PVP..


they saw my comment? :D

"We have now opened 3 more English EU servers! We thank you as you continue to #TestSWTOR."

TheBeast2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Well that is stupid >.> you think they would have servers for everyone...


They must have :P

bozebo2284d ago

My main problem is it feels like a console port somehow.

They took that silly radial thingy that they developed for consoles and stuck it in a PC exclusive... wtf.

And in every other aspect it is a copy of WoW. (which I would rather MMO makers would stop doing)

breichert2284d ago

I'm still having trouble getting through the launcher. Something about an appcrash with a remoterenderer.dll error.

Abriael2284d ago

The beta has been live for months. It's just a beta weekend.

SuperSaiyan42284d ago

I cannot get into any servers its typical EA and you can expect more epic fail from EA when the game is launched.

This game will flop thanks to EA and their servers its a shame Bioware couldn't have just made a KOTOR 3.

C_Menz2284d ago

I know you are trolling, but I love how people criticize EA during betas about their servers. Most recently during the BF3 beta people were furious during the first few days due to bugs and lag, which were then fixed later on in the beta.

When BF3 released the server side of the game was much improved since they were able to address the issues from the beta and also stress test them in a controlled situation.

It's funny how most gamers(and mostly ones new to gaming >5yrs see a Beta and expect it to be a demo or even more than a demo.

jimmywolf2284d ago

game won't flop this is a stress test beta week end their doing this on purpose too test server loads .......

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