PS3 to live 10 years: Sony's Dille on firmware updates, Competition & More

While Sony may be in third place in the console horse race, behind Nintendo and Microsoft, don't count it out yet. As Dille is quick to point out, the PlayStation 3 is holding its own when it comes to core features and exclusive titles. While Microsoft grabbed headlines after grabbing previously exclusive PS3 titles like Assassin's Creed and Virtua Fighter 5, you're still only going to be playing games like Heavenly Sword, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Ratchet & Clank Future on Sony's machine. GameInformer talked with Dille about exclusivity, the embattled Blu-ray format and the company's plans for 2008.

Game Informer: You face some serious competition this holiday season from Microsoft and Nintendo-why should consumers go with PlayStation 3?

Peter Dille: Well, quite frankly, it is always competitive in this business, and there is no better time to be a gamer than right now as there are many great console and content choices to choose from. And if you want the most technologically advanced gaming system that will stand the test of time for the next 10 years and comes with a free online gaming service, then the PS3 is a perfect choice.

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MK_Red3951d ago

While I definitly have faith in PS3, I don't think any technological device could survive 10 years in tech world of today.

C_SoL3951d ago

10 years huh?....PS2 is barely on its 7th or 8th year....about the PS3 idk, we'll see how it pans out...It could maybe reach 10 years....we really haven't seen the full potential power of the PS3 and all the games that r gonna come out on the system. i'm really glad to hear that there working real hard on the in-game XMB feature that we should get next year, well happy gaming :)

RadientFlux3951d ago

I agree with MK_Red, I have no doubt that the PS3 can last 10 years but technology changes so fast that PS3 will be completely outdated by even the hand-held systems by then.

mikeslemonade3951d ago

PS1 lasted 10 years and so will PS2. I believe PS2 will last longer than 10 years probably 12 years and even after 12 years will probably see madden for another 3 years making it 15 years total for PS2. PS3's main barrier is price and when that comes down there's really nothing you knock it for. The games are coming and some must play games are already here for this holiday. Next year's lineup will be even better.

Also if you look at Crysis and the amount of power it takes to run that game, it doesn't look more than twice as good as the best looking console games right now, so I don't think Sony is really rushing to put out the PS4 because incremental increases in graphics cost a lot. Besides, in 7 years it's realistic to think that Sony can make a game that looks as good as Crysis on PS3. Killzone 2 will be 75% there to match Crysis visuals and then that's a game coming to a system that is a little bit older than a year.

JsonHenry3951d ago

It may be supported for 10 years, but three years from now when the new consoles launch it will be hard to imagine why it is supported still.

Vertius3951d ago

The PS3 will last ten years, definitely. Do expect a PS4 in 6 years time, though, if not less.

Armyless3951d ago

My crystal ball has a crack in it, but my best guess is that the level of realism and graphics are going to plateau with this generation for a while. Photorealism. Real-life physics.

The next step imho is multiplayer innovations and new methods of controlling/interacting with games.

For example. World of Warcraft is not a technical masterpiece, but it is a revolutionary social MMO. The Wii isn't even "next-gen" on many of the expected fronts, but the means of interacting with games is truly revolutionary. I can't wait to see how this generation of games grabs hold of the PS3 and 360 and redefines our expectations altogether with something brand new and innovative.

Graphic power and processing capability are tools to an end. The developer is the real hero here.

godofthunder103951d ago

in this day and age it's impossiaby to make any electronic device last ten years,hell it was impossiable when the first nintendo came out.when you buy a computer now it's outdated in a year.the truth is that the most any electronic device will last is 6 years and that's pushing it because things are outdated so fast now that they have a format out now that's better then br and hd dvd and they just came matter how much you can upgrade a product it's really outdated in 4 to 5 years,i'm not saying that they still want have it but if they do it will look like a nintendo looks today and other systems will just be to much better for sony to just stay with the ps3 and if they do their is no way sony could win the nextgen war at alland that's a fact.

PimpHandHappy3951d ago

i know this is late and you wont be looking at this post again but

im sure he doesnt mean they wont have a new system out b4 that ten years is up. The PS2 is 7 years old? I can see it selling for 2 more years easy and if you think the PS3 came 6 years into the PS2 life cycle what makes us think the same wont be true of the PS3 going into the PS4.....

Evil0Angel3951d ago

all i want system will play/have good game tll next cycle in 3 years.

MK_Red3951d ago

It's never too late :)

I know this does not mean PS4 will come in 10 years. The thing is he said PS3 could stand the test of 10 years time and that's what I don't think is possible. No piece of Tech could stand the test of time for 1 year in our current market let along 10 years and even though I have every faith in PS3, in the computer and IT business, fresh and updated things come quick out more than quickly.

deadpreacher3951d ago

Sure i believe it can LIVE 10 years NP, but the fact of the matter is do you really want to live with this Gen for 10 years or move on as soon as the new Gen comes? I know i am one of the few that will move forward as soon as the next Gen starts! That even goes for ever Gen from there after 5 to 7 years is all the longer i want to wait! Its great they have a 10 year plan, but its not something i want to live with for 10 more years by any means!

FF7numba13951d ago

looks at wii. Can we say the wii is outdated? Plus ps3 is ahead of its time in terms of technology, I dont see why it can't last 10 years.

Bolts3950d ago

You guys are not reading between the lines. The PS3 will be around for 10 years but you'll probably buy a new console in five years. Lets face it, if Microsoft release a new console in four years with 2 gigs of RAM and god knows what GPU the PS3 will be seriously out of date...hell its already behind several PC tech cycles. I don't know about you but as a hardcore gamer I'll lineup to buy the latest and greatest.

No doubt the texture resolution and triangle counts will be off the charts in five years with 32 players to be considered as the norm in the console world. With 2 gigs of RAM the next gen consoles could also be dominated by MMOs.

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HarryEtTubMan3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

This mean 9 more years. they will do it... the PS2 is stil out and its been 7? And its even outsold ps2 AND the junkbox this whole time...PS3 has everything...bluetooth,Blu ray... why wouldnt it make it that long!
You have to realize its not just a outdated PC and the graphics arent even close to leveling out.

Blu ray will also be the format... do you think Blu Ray will be in PS4?

hfaze3951d ago

It's hard to say whether Blu-Ray will be in the PS4 or not... Sony tends to advance their storage with each new console release...

If Blu-Ray is included with the PS4, it will more than likely be the 200GB Blu-Ray discs.

Guwapo773951d ago

As the PS3 is already capable of playing the 200GB Blu-Ray disks. All that is required is a firmware update to initiate the feature.

Still waiting on that 7.1 PCM feature...*sobs*

Salvadore3951d ago

Quite difficult to find representatives from companies that dont do the bashing.

MK_Red3951d ago

And even if PS3 could live 10 years, MS and Nintendo won't sit and do nothing. They'll release their next-gen consoles (Xbox3, Wii2) in less than 5 years.

Real gamer 4 life3951d ago

I belive then when they said that the ps3 will be around for 10 years. the ps1 lasted 10 years and the ps2 is at its 7th year. they have done this before this has always ben there policy.

MK_Red3951d ago

I know but Nintendo is wildcard here and they could release a new Wii (Wii Too?) with high HD graphics in 1-2 years and force Sony to react by PS4 or something.

hfaze3951d ago

It's hard to say what Nintendo is going to do for their next system, and even when that new system will be coming out.

The Wii seriously only has a couple of years before it is completely outdated, and with the way that Nintendo has been making money hand over fist with the Wii, they could afford to come out with something in the next couple of years...

The only risk they run is alienating their current Wii customers. If they release a new console in two years, then they had better come out the gates swinging with must-have games...

Not everyone wants to go out buying new consoles every few years then playing the waiting game for the good games... It happens with ALL new consoles... (ESPECIALLY Nintendo..)

FF7numba13951d ago

lol Mk, theres pretty much nothing M$ and nintendo can do to
stop ps3. Looking at the ps3 hardware, makes you think that it last longer.

M$ will add hd dvd or blu-ray to xbox 3 but their still be behind. Nintendo is nintendo. When the wii2 and xbox3 come out their basically got hurt their own sales.

Same people who bought xbox 1 and 360 will upgrade to xbox 3. Basically wii2 and xbox3 sales would hurt their current gens sales.

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TheExecutive3951d ago

yeah it will last 10 years but the ps4 will be out by 2012-13