Enchanted weapons in Skyrim need max difficulty

InEntertainment writes: The idea of enchanted weapons in Skyrim is certainly a good one, but there is a drawback to this, as it makes the game too easy. It’s for this reason why you should change from adept and select the max setting instead. Doing this will make the game more of a challenge, as being able to go through the game and killing your foes with ease is not appealing.

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danswayuk2579d ago

Finding the unique weapons is my mission in Skyrim, although making enchanted weapons is fun too.

wallis2579d ago

I like the game as it is and I've experienced nothing along the lines of what this article talks about. If anything enchanted weapons are a drawback for my character because elemental fury doesn't work on them. Also all you need to do is stumble across a damn dragon priest and you'll be wishing your enchanted weapons were swapped with the freaking fat boy from fallout.