Seven Annoying Gamers to Avoid This Thanksgiving

For most of us, the holidays means spending an abnormal amount of time with people we don't like because a lineage of blood and bad decisions have labeled them as "family."

Luckily, groups of smarter people got together in the late 70's and created video games, so the escapist dream world of pixelated fantasy and adventure is always right there for the taking. But what happens when these two worlds collide and the horrible members of your muddled progeny want to join in on your favorite hobby? Well, chances are things will be tame and you'll pass some otherwise dreadful time doing something fun with the fam, but here are the bad eggs to avoid as much as humanly possible, just to be safe.

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Pikajew2575d ago

Never met any kind of those people. The only annoying gamers I meet think CoD is the best.

Jake_the_Dog2574d ago

Yup, terrible rapping, excessive cursing, and staticy crap music playing over the mic.

Hicken2575d ago

According to this article, everyone I know is white, and probably a redhead.