Saints Row: The Third - Release Party Images

Here are some Images from the Saints Row: The Third Release Party with whores, drinks, dildos, wrestlers and more

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Bimkoblerutso2492d ago

When you see it in real life, it's quite a bit more pathetic than when seeing it played out as a joke in a game...

Sarcasmology2492d ago

I don't know. Watching broken people who think they're the shit can be rather humorous.

And people want to think there's a future for this pathetic race. HAHAHAHA


sure this isnt the release party for the next jersey shore season?

Grip2491d ago

wait. don't judge Humankind on one country.. USA not even 0.5/3 of the world

Lavalamp2491d ago

What sort of fraction is that!?

snipes1012491d ago

Hey look we've got the guy trying to be hip by grouping all Americans into one group based off of a few glances at the media! Which ironically makes him look rather un-hip because he just sounds like an ignorant jerk!

Bravo Grip...*slow clap*

DarkBlood2491d ago


and to think theres a future for gamer nerds but look what happen now /s

fact is most of the world consist of people like this and only very few people not like that exist in the world

its mainly up to us to keep it moving take them out then you might as well consider the race extinct

nickjkl2491d ago

i thought the point of fractions were to ge rid of decimals

t0mmyb0y2491d ago

@ Grip I think you meant 1/6th

Gamer19822491d ago

Hmm I just wonder if thats said GTA party instead of SR3 some of these comments would be differnt? I think they would be..

There no worse than your standard cosplayers really who dress up as a skantilly clad pikachu etc.. People are having a go because this is SR3 nothing more.

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egidem2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

I'll be honest:- I came just to see the lady pictures, not for the game.

RedDragan2491d ago

lol... when a game uses two birds showing a bit of boob crouching by 4 foot purple dildo it usually means the game is bad.

JoeReno2491d ago

Looks like the game wasn't the only thing Released that night. ;-)

Gamer19822491d ago

@reddragon well thats where your wrong then as the game is one of the best releases this year. You would know this if you actually played fun games like saints row. I bet your a robot and play the games the media tell you to play like COD right?

ATi_Elite2491d ago

That party looks LAME!!!

I've seen hotter woman at Starbucks than that party.

Gamer19822491d ago

Who gives a damn if there hot? There having fun. That represents the game perfect as the game is adult fun unlike a lot of games these days who forget to put the fun in them.

Aery2491d ago

I like the game but this "party" looks so ... gross.

MrRipper2491d ago

I don't know, people having fun at a party or people sitting at their computers judging them. What's more pathetic?

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ZBlacktt2492d ago

People clicked to see the picture only.

DonaldBeck2492d ago

i clicked to see the picture only.

DevastationEve2492d ago

No "saints" there. Or here, lol.

Korix2491d ago

You ever played Eve Online? In a corp called Eternal Profiteers? We used to have a member with your name :P

Agent_00_Revan2491d ago

Thats what I call good marketing.

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