GlucoBoy: Nintendo gets into Diabetes Management

GlucoBoy, a game compatible with the Game Boy Advance or DS Lite, was launched in Australia a couple of weeks ago on World Diabetes Day. The Glucoboy makes monitoring and achieving blood sugar goals fun. Whenever a user performs a glucose test, points are awarded which allows the user to unlock games.

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rofldings3796d ago

"The Glucoboy makes monitoring and achieving blood sugar goals fun."


Amp3795d ago

If your not an Insulin Dependent Diabetic, Im sure this wont make much sense to you. I know several kids with diabetes, i think its a fantastic idea.The better their blood sugar control at a young age, the better their chances are of preventing long term complications, which include blindness, amputations, nerve damage.

Poisen3796d ago

Well if you like playing on a DS then yes it must be fun.

name3796d ago

Nintendo's trying to compete with Sony's cancer curing. If its war they want then it's war they shall have. Time to make an unprotected sex avoider game for the psp.

KyonoRocks3795d ago

I think it's a brilliant idea but the fact it only has 2 playable games (and those games are more than likely going to be inferior to actual Gameboy games) means that I don't think it will work on any kid with gaming 'taste'.

If he came up with some sort of device that alots general time to play any game on the gameboy, kinda like a family filter but you need to do your blood sugar test 'chores' to get a time allowance, then that would be much much more effective.

Just a thought though, not sure if it's possible

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