Full Features List for 2007 Fall Update

Every tedious detail about the 360 fall update.

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iceice1233948d ago

This is what a real update is. [email protected] firmware, pathetic.

jiggyjay3948d ago

And M$ needs to take notes in making game consoles though!

rofldings3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Why do you single out 2.0 firmware update?

They never said it would be a major update.

+ the only thing that seems worthy in this update is DivX support, let's hope it'll work correctly ... Microsoft's not exactly known for providing bug-free software.

vilmer3948d ago

What the hell are you babbling about? Do you even have a PS3?

barom3947d ago

we'll probably hear about reports of RROD caused by the update the next day

PimpHandHappy3947d ago

why dont you do yourself a favor. When you post a comment about XBL why dont you try and keep it to just that, XBL. I know you troll PS3 thread so maybe you just cant help yourself spew fanboy sillyness

the only reason 2.0 was hyped up was because everyone thought Home was coming with it. We all knew that wasnt the case 6 weeks before it was even released.

Just do yourself a solid Icewake. Grow up and stop trying to make yourself feel better by belitteing other stuff. Its sad and in fact a mental illness

segasage3947d ago

for No reason.

Icewake is Right, Ms does things differently. When XBL first came out it had many things Sony is struggling to achieve.

granted Sony is kind o fnew to this Console networking infrastructure thingy, but it's updates are geared more towards FIXES and BUGS. I read plenty of gamers that PSN 2.0 firmware bricked their console. It happens to every console.

But with MS your getting some REAL MEATY UPDATES. I guess it's sometimes worth the long wait. I can't say the same for sony, since everything with them is in WAITING. As a firmware 2.00 was crap. I only liked the theme aspects I guess.

but hey whatever makes you sleep at night..
I just want this MS firmware to work properly with the videos.

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THAMMER13948d ago

I like that they updated the DVD drive. My disc would spin with out stopping after I logged out of a game or when I charged my joysticks after shutting down.

Nice update M$.

Is any one else buying crimson skies from the XBOX originals list? If so hit my gamer tag for some Dog Fights. WOOOT!!!

superman3948d ago

Icewake that wasnt neccesary

power of Green 3947d ago

Niether is the Pride/troop/pack of rabid Sony fanboys patrolling 360 threads.

PimpHandHappy3948d ago

i guess it needed alot of improvments


read that word like 40 times

Hypnotic3947d ago

What's better a bunch of small updates every so often or one big update that doesn't come often?

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