Rayman Origins: A Diamond In The Crap

Rayman Origins’ appearance on Xbox 360 highlights a poor platform generation, as underneath it’s as old school as flat top haircuts and parachute pants.

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NukaCola2575d ago

I don't think it's a platforming fail as so much as timing.

This is across the board on console.

Assassin's Creed

The game is just getting over shadowed. Sonic Generations is also a stellar platformer and the first really good Sonic in ages. I am glad Rayman is getting the reconition it deserves. I am going to get it on Vita cause I am playing the said games above and just don't have time.

BuffMordecai2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Games like this are a breath of fresh air. Unlike the rehashed stale crap that has plagued this generation.

Chrono2575d ago

I'm currently playing the game. It's awesome.

no_more_heroes2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Demoed this game last night, reminded me why I love platformers so bloody much (I did learn how to play games off platformers after all, like most of you I'm sure)

If only I could afford to buy it...

Venox20082575d ago

great game, can't vait for 3ds version IN 3D!!! :)

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