Few parents use or understand games ratings

Reuters writes:

"The 12th Annual MediaWise Video Game Report Card shows that
retailers, parents and the gaming industry have become complacent
when using and enforcing the ratings. The report finds that few
parents use and understand the ratings when making game choices
for their children. The report also finds parents and their
children, especially those 8-12 years old, have repeated arguments
over when and how much time kids can play video games."

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snoop_dizzle3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

ah! a clue sherlock! hmmm

maybe thats the key, to educate parents about the esrb system!

instead of blaming it on video game companies for parents own negligence.

TheExodus3879d ago

I agreed, but the ratings are all accompanied by text that actually explains the rating: Silent Hill Origins is rated M for "Blood and Gore, Language, Suggestive Themes & Violence." I don't know how the ESRB could make it any clearer unless they changed the text to read "Contains torture porn that will induce nightmares & seriously fu¢k up your child for life!"

Polluted3879d ago

What's to understand? It says right on the label in big letters, "Early Children, Everyone, Teen, etc". If these people can't figure out that a label stating "Mature 17+" probably isn't suitable for their kids they shouldn't be allowed to have kids. This is the kind of stupid crap that gives assholes like J.T. ammo in their stupid war on gaming. Parents who are too lazy to take a fraction of a second out of their day and actually read the rating on a game. If these people have money to buy these games then they must have jobs. Jobs require at least a basic level of comprehension skills and cognitive thinking. Yet they can't figure out that a big label reading "Teen" is suitable for teens? I call BS.

Muppetmeat3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Why would today's typical parent try and make use of the rating system anyway? Here's what happens:
1) Kid cries
2) Kid cries even more
3) Kid keeps crying
4) Parent buys kid that new 'M' game in a desperate attempt to shut the kid up
5) Kid shuts up and plays game
6) Kid gets caught shoplifting
7) Parent looks around for ANYTHING to blame other than themselves and their bad parenting skills
8) Parent spies an 'M' out of the corner of their eye on the living room floor
9) Parent says it just HAS to be the game because they raised their little Jimmy with good values (even tho they let the TV raise Jimmy)
10) Parent now has the 'Bad parent' complex lifted off their shoulders and the blame placed firmly on the video game industry.
11) CNN agrees with parent in an attempt to create hype and get more advertising revenue.

Antiomo3879d ago

Just like in the movies, I dont pay attention to the ratings.

Its just to cover their arses, so they dont get sued.

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