Mario Kart 3DS Was Completed As An “Act Of Emergency”, Retro Studios Were Roped In

Nintendo has admitted that Mario Kart 7 was completed as “an act of emergency” in an effort to get it out in time for the holiday season

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Shnazzyone2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Not exactly. They apparently got behind in the development cycle and they had to call in Retro to help complete the game before the end of the year. At least when nintendo needs more help they go to tried and true developers who deliver. It's one of those things. All this comes from an iwata interview done in japan and translated. Act of emergency sounds dramatic to us but it's probably like a common phrase in Japan that just indicates that they had to hunker down to finish on time. Also, it's a translation from a neogaf forum user.

In my mind, hearing Retro had a hand in designing courses for Mario Kart 7 only improves my opinion of the title. I get the sense the writer wants to make it seem like Nintendo decided at the last minute to make the title. Instead of the actual situation where it went past it's development schedule.