No More Heroes - English Game Intro + New Clips

The English game intro for No More Heroes is finally here, as well as a sample of the blood and violence that's long been promised for this game.

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Charlie26883830d ago

Looking like Suda might deliver another spectacular game like Killer 7 :D

TruthbeTold3830d ago

I had been losing interest in this game somewhat recently, but now I'm ready to consider buying it again when it comes out. It really looks great here, but sometimes in video and pictures it doesn't. I really hope that this is a translation problem rather than an inconsistency problem with the game.

solidt123830d ago

Im gonna buy this game. It looks awesome. it kind of reminds me of God Hand on the PS2

Eamon3830d ago

In Japan they are not using blood but they are using Black coins instead. That is what put me off. But now they are bringing back blood, I might get this game. BADASS OTAKU FOR THE WIN!

texism3830d ago

Did...did Travis just shishkabob some guy in the air and split him in half?

Kareshi_X3830d ago

1 Of The Greatest Wii Title who Will Come out i know it

TruthbeTold3830d ago

It just might be. Seems like it's rather intentionally corny though. That may hurt it some.