Top 10: Hottest Women In Tech

While there used to be a social stigma attached to geekdom, nowadays it's become fashionable to label oneself a nerd. While there are surely a cavalcade of factors behind this change, the rise of the internet has clearly played a substantial role in the nerd's ascent.

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C_SoL3911d ago

except #9..i don't like her face..but pu$$y is pu$$y, then again i would bone #9 with paper bag over her head..We need more hot women in gaming, that play games....

wAtdaFck3911d ago

lol, too cold, but honest.

ELite_Ghost3911d ago

#5 kritin holt, #6 layla kayleigh

Andronix3911d ago

thank you for talking how it is

stunt2133911d ago

i think all of them are hot except no. 9 & 7, jade raymond is way hotter than those two

lawman11083910d ago

They should call you "Grand master wack and his furious five"

C_SoL3910d ago

Who ever disagreed with me r all [email protected] like LAWMAN...U talk $hit as if u know me [email protected] it...What u stalk 17 year olds....for ur information i've been farther then u [email protected] it & how do i know this? its just the way u personify ur self, like a [email protected] it that talks pure $hit...

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Blood_Spiller3911d ago

I was surprised when I didn't see Jade Raymond on that list lol.

lessthanmarcus3911d ago

I don't know who the other girls are but I watch G4, so I know that Kristin Holt (while she is #1 on my list) is just a paid model host and knows pretty much nothing about gaming. Same for Olivia Munn, 'cept she's an "actor."

remix3911d ago

but where was layla keighley. this list is not legit without her.
sorry but morgan webb shouldnt have been number 2.

olivia is pretty hot too though

Robotz Rule3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Olivia Munn should have been in the top three cause shes HELLA hot!

No Jade Raymond,and Amber MacArthur @ #1?!


Agreed man,here's my top three in order:

1)Olivia Munn
2)Morgan Webb
3)Kristen Holt

uxo223911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Blair Butler, you gotta be kidding me. She looks and acts more like a dude. Don't be fooled by the nice pic, this girly is NOT HOT. IMO

Also, I think O Munn is the hotest on G4. I'm glad that they didn't choose Layla Kayleigh, she likes the same thing us guy like (you actually have to compete with her, and this is from her own admission.)so she would have to be considered hot in a girly mag. Oh well her sh!t's weak anyway.

But, I would choose Munn, Holt, Webb as my top three picks.

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The story is too old to be commented.